Doggie Safe Cleaning Products


I need to mop my tile floors. Since I’ve been hurting so bad lately I’ve kinda neglected the housekeeping stuff. I have a swiffer wetjet that I usually use but it doesn’t get my tile floors as clean as moping. Its good for in between cleans but I really need to clean my floors! I like that sparkle! I know that alot of the bottles say to not breath it in and alot say to be careful around animals. What all do you guys use to clean your floors? I don’t want to make my dog Sammy sick. I know alot of you have little ones the crawl around on the floor. What do you use to keep your floors clean?? My little Sammy is like my kid! I couldn’t bare it if I cleaned the floor with something and it made him sick.

Also, my coffee table has a glass top. Sammy loves to try to lick the windex! I have that kind that has the orange or lemon smell in it. I don’t know why he wants to lick it. I usually have to clean my tables at night after he is in bed but he can still smell it in the morning and goes to licking it the second he gets out of his bed. Is there any doggie safe glass cleaning products out there??



I use a mixture of vinegar, water and dish soap on my floors and pretty much everywhere else, too. It’s safe for children and pets and cleans pretty well–not sure about the glass, though. It might streak there.



Try Method products - they are all natural, no icky chemicals, and safe around pets and kids. They smell totally yummy, and actually work!!! :thumbsup:



Use just the vinegar on glass.

Toothpaste, not the gel, is also a great spot remover. And again, not toxic.

I remember my Mom using lemon for something, but I don’t remember what.


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