Doing a reseach paper on Catholic stuff

I have to write a research paper of any topic I choose for college. Does anyone have any ideas on what topic would be good?

Well, what are you interested? History, theology, philosophy, sociology? Any of these topics are rich in Church.

Or art, music, architecture, the history of science, and so many others.

There is almost an endless range of interesting topics. Narrow it down a little and I’m sure I could contribute a few suggestions.

Do something on the “myths” of the church such as Pope Joan or the Black Pope. I am sure that there are a lot of myths/stories like that. How did they start? Are they based on fact? What has been their impact on the Church? Etc.

How about Marian apparitions? Our Lady related to the people she appeared to and it has shaped local cultures. Just a though :slight_smile:

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

You might consider a research paper about an incident which occurred in 1920’s Birmingham, in which a Protestant minister murdered a Catholic priest, and was defended by a future supreme court Justice.

This would have to be your primary source material, but it is well footnoted, so you would be able to go to original sources.

St Vincent’s Archabbey is located in Latrobe, PA - not far from where you are. Its founder, Boniface Wimmer was quite a character. You might want to look into how the Benedictines assisted the settlement of the frontier, especially their role in assisting foreign immigrants.

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