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In recent months I’ve started to give more to charity, visit sick relatives etc. However while there is a very sincere motive behind these actions I often imagine scenarios where I am seen doing “good works” - in particular by a priest I know. I know I’ve got to improve on this but is it a mortal sin.


It is almost impossible to control one’s imagination (rather that is your ‘thought’). Sometimes e.g. when at Mass I find myself wondering what I am going to buy at the supermarket afterwards.No, not a sin; least of all mortal.


Not a sin, but certainly imperfect motivation.

You should ask yourself why this Fr’s notice means so much to you.

Our LORD said that those who do good works for others to see have already had their reward. You need to adjust your motivations!



I should do more good deeds, except that they don’t go unpunished :):slight_smile:



Whenever you give of your time and energy to do good works you are doing acts of charity and that is never a mortal sin. Good works are AKA (Also Known As) acts of charity. Good works/acts of charity are a good thing as long as they are given with a cheerful heart with thanksgiving.

It sounds like you think of helping others out a lot and that is a very good thing. :thumbsup:


[quote=backtocatholic;13158663…I often imagine scenarios where I am seen doing “good works”…

And who do you imagine playing you in the movie? Lately I’ve been going with Meryl Streep - but I don’t know who’d play the young me. :smiley:

Ego is a problem for even the most humble among us. I think God is used to us by now. :wink:

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