Doing Homework During Class


Is this a sin of some sort? I want to get rid of this habit, but I’ve already done it a couple of times.


I think it would depend on why you didn’t do your homework when you were supposed to. If you simply chose not to do it because you didn’t want to, then it would be a sin related to laziness. If an emergency or something more important came up, or if you truly forgot and didn’t remember until you got to school, then there was no sin. Maybe you should put reminders on your phone so you remember to do your homework.

I’ve been guilty of doing homework in class as well, I’m also trying to break myself of this habit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like procrastination maybe? I’m not a priest, but would guess this is venially sinful. Best to consult your priest.


I’m a little confused. If you have time to do the homework in class, then what’s the problem? Assuming you are doing your own work and not copying it from someone else and you are paying attention when the teacher is talking, I don’t see a problem with trying to get a head start.


Thank you for the replies.

I usually don’t do it because I fall asleep while praying after being busy for a long time. It’s no excuse, but that’s what happens to me.
I’m talking about doing homework during the day that it’s due and in class.


It’s not a good thing to do habitually. Sometimes things happen, though. I would simply reflect on what leads to those situations and in the future try to address those issues so that it doesn’t happen again. It’s never good to be under the gun in those situations!

Senior year of high school, my brother always tried to do his homework in class the day it was assigned so that he would actually have no homework to bring home with him. This was fine because he simply utilized the downtime and those spare moments here and there throughout the school day. He wasn’t working on homework when he was supposed to be paying attention to the teacher. The whole year, I think he only had homework to bring home a handful of times. I was jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember homework being collected at the start of class, so I thought you were asking about doing homework on the day it is assigned rather than the day that it is due. As a parent, I’d rather my student do the homework the night before or even the morning that it’s due. But if for some unusual reason, it didn’t happen and the teacher permits it to be turned in at the end of class, then get it done even if that means doing it in class. But doing homework in class could get in the way of listening to the next lesson and participating in classroom discussions.


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