Doing something that sexually stimulates, but not for that reason


I should start off by saying that I’m a pretty scrupulous person, but I’ve been getting better. One thing I was doing recently was that I was changing to a new browser and what I decided to do was download a site-blocker extension and type some terms and sites to block in case I ever felt really tempted. While typing these terms and sites down, I noticed myself feeling pretty hot and bothered (like, in the literal sense), but continued because I knew my true intent was to not see anything in the future. Irony is that the only time I ever use these terms that actually get me bothered is when I’m usually making a block list for “just in case”. I didn’t end up doing anything while feeling bothered and stopped as soon as I felt it was reasonable. I feel like I know the answer to this, but I’d like a second opinion, since sometimes I worry that the only reason why I type these terms down to block is to actually get stimulated. Thanks.


Pretty much, I’m asking, “did I do something wrong”?


By analyzing your intent, you didn’t meet the criteria for mortal sin.


Thanks. I sometimes worry about intent, but do strive to do the right thing and outright reject doing something explicitly wrong for immoral purposes.


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