Doing things to the best of my ability

About a week ago, I finished a history exam with two essays. It went well. However I am doing more studying and I am finding it difficult to concentrate—yes I do go jogging and other do other exercises.

I am currently being treated for depression, and because of this medical treatment I am worried if my concentration will ever come back. Does it come back? Have you been in a similar situation?

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i get depressed here and there but nothing like when i was “in sin” meaning when I was uncatechized, was no going to Mass, was not living a Catholic life… btw, thanks for reminding me of where I came from…

Today I get depressed for different reasons than b4. I get depressed bc there is so much sin in the world, so much evil and of course, the evil that impacts yours truly seems the worst of all…

one thing that is depressing is the fact that in this world, it is all about MONEY

if you have it you are someone
if u don’t you are not

pretty tiresom

Depression and ability to concentrate are linked. Some medications used for depression can also cause concentration problems that usually resolve with time. If your depression improves then yes, your concentration should as well. If you continue to have problems, consult your doctor. He can decide if medications should be changed or if other treatments will help. Don’t struggle with this without letting your doctor know it’s happening.

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I have difficulty concentrating for different reasons, but I can attest it is a pain. Some days are better, some are worse. I can say that there are some unexpected things that can help. Keeping your surroundings tidy often helps, as does eliminating distractions. Taking one minute breaks to stretch your legs every hour or so is also really useful.

Do you find you can, with difficulty, get into a focused mode, but that if you are distracted out of it you can’t get it back? If so, you need to find places to protect it.

Please speak to your doctor.


How is your prayer life? To rephrase my question how often do you pray and what do you pray?

Yes it will come back, situations are different, but it will come back. I felt like this not too long ago back when I was in school. This started a couple years ago and stress can be such a bummer. Especially with exams and tests it is difficult to concentrate, and easy to be distracted.

I was diagnosed with depression in highschool and spent the majority of my last years down in the dumps, I was also at the beginning of when I started to take the Church seriously. Things will get better with time.

Now, for me, I dropped the university after mt first semester, I wouldnt recommend of course. But whats helped me get through my tough times is a couple things.
Acknowledge Life is up and down, God is with you even when we feel like we cant do anything. One thing that can help is learning to focus for periods of time, studying in small bursts and not all at once. Even as simple as not overthinking can help.

I can assure you, once I stopped overthinking alot of my situations, it became alot easier to think clearly and sober. Pray, of course pray when you get overwhelmed and thank God for anything. Also ask him for peace and his wisdom to get through these dark moments.
Hopefully this helped a bit!


Thank you, everyone.

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