DOJ abruptly drops case against arms dealer who threatened to reveal Clinton's Libya dealings


An arms dealer who had threatened to reveal potantially damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s alleged role in arming Islamist militants until federal prosecutors abruptly dropped their case against him Tuesday, told Fox News the case has cost him everything.

Federal prosecutors faced a Wednesday deadline to turn over discovery documents to the legal team of American Marc Turi, who had been charged with selling weapons to Libyan rebels. Late Tuesday, an announcement came that the government was dropping the case, which was set to go to trial on Nov. 8 – the day American voters choose between Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump. The move may avert a release of potentially explosive documents.


And Sydney Blumenthal, who was/is intermittently on the Clinton Foundation payroll, was in Libya at the time, looking for arms deals to make.

Ultimately, of course, the U.S. government entered directly into providing not only arms, but covert agents and the USAF to support the rebels, many of whom were of terrorist groups.

And this guy’s arms deals were made through Quatar, which gave millions to the Clintons.

Personally, I don’t think we know a tenth of what Hillary was involved in with the Libya debacle. If she’s elected, of course, we’ll never know.


That which is above the surface is sufficient to sink the Titanic.


I have been following this story the past two days. This can’t be America I am living in anymore. And Obama said his administration would be the most transparent.
I heard someone on Fox today say that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton granted many licenses for arms dealers!!! I wish Julian Assange had some e-mails on this or wikileaks documents! How does the Obama administration own the IRS and the DOJ??!! Please tell me I am dreaming!


Corruption has reached the highest levels of our government with the ongoing scheme to protect Hillary Clinton at all costs. The DOJ and it’s investigating arm the FBI have failed the cause of justice in our nation and we are now at the level of third world nations. Our Founding Fathers are most definitely spinning in their graves.


Sadly yes, this is the America you are now living in thanks to the Democrat Party. The goal is power at all costs and legal protection for the criminals in their ranks. Anyone who votes for a Democrat is a traitor to the nation and guilty of treason.


It certainly seems that way!


Don’t forget racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, irredeemable, deplorable, un-American, etc.


Yes, how could I forget that description of voters who are anti-Hillary!


Clinton Foundation.

She was dead broke, her words, and in no time at all, she is worth $250 million.

Here is a very recent BookTV program that explains it all … and in GREAT detail … no reading needed:

Even I was shocked.


Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, how much more she’ll make if she’s elected president. How much would China pay if she stopped providing arms to Taiwan? A billion? Probably more than that. How much would Iran pay (through some intermediary, of course) for her to stop selling arms to Israel? How much would Saudi Arabia pay for her to support Wahabbists in Syria? (perhaps they already did).

U.S. interests will be for sale if she’s elected, and no question about it.


Scary to even contemplate the prospect! How many Americans are keeping up with these numerous scandals?


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