Domestic Abuse and Depression Struggle


Hello, I am a survivor of 13 years of Domestic Violence at the hands of my husband. I have been divorced for six years. I am struggling to find some piece of mind. I suffer from painful memories that come with feeling of utter fear. I try my hardest not to think about the past but it continually haunts my thoughts with painful memories at its own will. Leaving me feeling hopeless and abused over and over. I have been diagnosed with severe depression, Anxiety and Anhedonia. I have tried to recover on my own but am failing and sinking deeper the darkness feeling i will never feel hope or happiness. I have never taking meds thinking i would heal in time but now i think my sadness is starting to become more then i can bare. Should i consider medication and would it help. Im loosing faith and have strong feeling of giving up all together. I need some kind of sign.


Yes, you should consider medication and counselling together. We cannot give medical advice on CAF, but you can ask your doctor for medication for your depression and anxiety.

It sounds to me like you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a treatable disease and the first step is admitting that you have a disease, just like diabetes or a heart condition. You shouldn't be should be looking for help to keep it under control, just like you would keep your insulin levels under control (if you had diabetes).

You could first see your GP and then ask him/her to refer you to some kind of counselling (or you could look for support groups in your area). There are many drop-in type programs in any big town or city. Many of the hospitals have programs as well that your GP could connect you to.

You could also discuss your symptoms with your GP and perhaps he can offer you some kind of help.

Be agressive and don't take no for an answer. it's the squeaky wheel that gets fixed first.


You should also consider seeing a Catholic counselor - and going through the annulment process if you have not already - you may find that this is one of the most healing things that you can do and the sooner that you do this the better as you will be able to put his chapter of your life behind you with the other counseling. It will also allow you to take some control back in your own life.

I have included a link you should look at and sent you a group invite. God bless,

"When I Call For Help" 10th Anniversary Statement on Domestic Violence by the USCCB


I have PTSD with reactive psychosis (now dormant) and occasionally severe depression rears its ugly head. By all means, get into counseling and see a psychiatrist. Medication is not a sign of weakness or lack of trust in God. You cannot just “snap out of” severe depression. You cannot just “look on the bright side” and “count your blessings”. You have been traumatized and need professional guidance.
God bless you.


your story is so sad.

you already have a sign----- your inability to heal on your own. and there is no shame in that.

find a licensed therapist-- someone who will respect (or shares) your faith. follow their instructions to the last syllable.


It sounds that your problems are too big to be dealt without any help from other people. Medication is a possibility and I would encourage you to work with a psychiatrist and not a general physician. General physicians do not have enough knowledge to deal with this kind of issues. You also have to understand that medication by itself can alleviate your problems but probably it is not sufficient by itself. I would suggest to look for a good christian psychologist that can support you while you are taking medication. Do not limit yourself only to either a psychologist or a psychiatrist unless one of them tells you that you just need only one specialist, let them make the decision.


You can benefit from counseling and perhaps medication, it might even be temporarily. I would urge you to seek help as soon as possible. The longer you struggle against depression, the chemical imbalance in your brain will do more damage and it’s harder to recover as quickly. The faster someone who is depressed gets help, the quicker they will recover.

If you get a good counselor, you can process what has happened in a safe way, grieve for your losses and then let them go. Your mind might want to return over and over to the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, this is natural but you don’t have to continue with it. A good counselor can help you learn to stop your mind from returning again and again to the painful memories (ruminating). You do not have to suffer! I think PTSD is quite likely in your case, not to diagnose you or anything but from what you describe, it sounds like some of our soldiers who return from war.

God has blessed us with people who do research on these medications that can help us so much, to continue to live so we can bless others with our lives and our work! Please go to your doctor right away and tell him about the depression, and get help!

(Also talking to a priest and going to confession will help - not saying you did anything to deserve the abuse but you may feel guilty and need absolution anyway.)


You will get through this! There is light on the other side!

I was abused by a former fiance at one point, and one fateful night I barely made it out of his house and to the hospital alive. Memories of that night cut me to the quick for a long time, and no matter what I told myself, there were days when I felt I could not move. I felt as if I had been turned into a piece of twisted trash, turned into an untouchable puddle of slime. People try to say helpful things like, "No, he is the piece of trash, you didn't do anything wrong, don't you see?" but it doesn't get through when someone feels helpless and hopeless; the reaction of feeling alienated and devalued is a common response to abuse and trauma.

But you are holding on to that one thread! The thin thread of hope inside of you that is begging for recovery and asking for advice is the light of your own God-given human dignity and your future. In even wanting help and recovery, you are so powerful! You can and you will flourish, little by little, as you seek help from medical and therapeutic and spiritual counselors. One day, I promise you, you will feel whole again. I do, now; this can get better; abusers cannot take away your future.


Depression is linked with a variety of events happening in life and it is mostly affected with the ups and down you face in life. So, in order to get rid of depression it is always advised to get the help of a psychologist and improve for the brighter future.


Thanks for resurrecting this thread. I wonder if the OP did get help?


OP are you still with us?


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