Dominican Call To Action


There is a push from our Dominican Laity General Chapter to promote women deacons and to have Dominican women be allowed to preach.

There is a letter circulating signed by 5 Dominicans with ties to Call To Action and the women for ordination group. This topic was brought up more than once at a recent multi-state meeting with the majority not desiring it but the leadership not letting it die.

What can I do to make the Church’s position clear?

Thank you.


Dear Mary,

This too will pass. I wouldn’t spend any energy worrying about this one. It can only go nowhere. There is no way that Rome is going to move on it. This is basically an agenda of feminist Dominican Sisters who belong to congregations that are circling the drain. It has nothing to do with the Dominican Laity and as you say, is certainly not coming from the rank and file. But it is the rank and file who
are the bulwark of the Church and the Holy Spirit is with them!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.
Promoter for the Dominican Laity for the Western Dominican Province in the early 80s.

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