Dominican Congregations of St. Catherine of Siena

There used to be several congregations in the US under the patronage of St. Catherine of Siena. Now, there seems to be just one:

Kenosha, WI:

Houston, TX:

Other countries:

Trinidad & Tobago:

English Congregation (Stone), UK:


The Philippines:

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican

This is not true. The Racine, Wisconsin Dominicans are dedicated to Catherine of Siena.

I highly recommend Suzanne Noffke’s history (a vastly updated one over the Hortense Kohler one from mid-20th century) of the early years of the community, “Embrace the Swelling Wave.” Dolores Enderle’s second volume is also good.

We have two of these sisters in our parish. They are wonderful!

Racine Dominicans:

I have a copy of “Rooted in Hope”.

As I said, that is very outdated. I once met Hortense, and she was pretty wild. But Noffke is a brilliant scholar (see also her editions of Catherine), and was able to use both sources and insights unavailable to Kohler. Enderle is also quite good.

Noffke gave me access to some of her archival notes in which she’d translated from the original German (not a language of mine), and they were superb.

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