Dominican Laity



I was recently reading about the Dominican Laity movement. As a potential Catholic convert, I am interested in anyone’s reflection on this group. I am especially attracted to the Dominicans because of their intellectual/academic contributions to the Church. Does anyone have any suggestions, warnings, encouragement, etc?


Dominican spirituality is very sound, and if you are being drawn to it, it may very well be the right place for you.

Just like any religious order or lay third order, you have to judge each local community on its own merits. If there is a Dominican Third Order group that meets near you, you could contact them and ask whether you could attend a couple of meetings as a visitor. Then you can make a better judgment of how faithful they are to Church teachings, and whether there is a good “fit” with your personality. Or ask a priest who is very trustworthy what he knows about the group.

There is a Third Order group affiliated with the Nashville Dominican sisters, and I know that they are excellent. (I have several friends who belong, and I have attended a couple of their meetings.)


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