Dominican Rite Mass


I’m in Anchorage, Alaska on business and I was surprised to see a Dominican Rite mass (in Latin) on the cathedral’s Sunday mass schedule. I don’t know much about the Dominican Rite…does anyone know if this would be the original pre-Vatican II Dominican Rite or is there a post-Vatican II reformed missal that corresponds more to the Roman OF?


Yes, it is the old Dominican Rite. I know the Cathedral pastor, Fr. Anthony Patalano. He is one of the several promoters of the old Rite and has been for a good number of years.

Fr. Patalano would travel from his old parish, Holy Rosary in Portland, Oregon up to celebrate a monthly Dominican Low Mass for us near Toledo, Washington.

If you attend that Mass, hopefully Fr. Patalano will be the celebrant, although I understand other priest up there also do the Dominican Rite. Give him a “Howdy” from SW Washington.

It is somewhat different than the Roman Rite but just as beautiful. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the info. Sadly I won’t be able to make it - the schedule says the Dominican mass is 4 PM on Sunday afternoons and I am leaving on Saturday :(. Hopefully this client will bring me back up here on another occasion where I can stay the weekend. I’ve never come across a Cathedral parish that was entrusted to religious…Cathedrals, being the bishop’s own parish, are usually staffed by diocesans. Do you know the history here?


The consolation is my next client trip is to Calgary, Alberta where I understand there is an excellent Anglican Ordinariate parish…so at least I have an “exotic” non-Roman liturgy to look forward to.


St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Grand Rapids MI. staffed by the Paulists.


Here is the history link from their website;

It is not really answering your question as to how an Order was given stewardship over the Archdiocesan Cathedral.

God Bless.


Good to see more and more Dominican Rite Masses being celebrated!


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