Dominican Sisters of Mary to Appear on Oprah

*Dominican Sisters of Mary
to Appear on Oprah
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 *
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I normally do not watch Oprah for many reasons, but have the DVR set for tomorrow’s show. I hope that she is respectful of the sisters and brings out all the wonderful blessing and service they provide to our Catholic faith. Ten years ago I was in her audience and after witnessing the groupies and antics of the show I decided this was not what it appeared to be… Sad to see she has influenced so many women in the New Age movement and against Christian teachings.

It’s true that she has been a huge force in the new age movement. At one time those views interested me a great deal. I also hope she will be respectful of the sisters and I am looking forward to seeing that episode tomorrow.

I can’t claim to have ever watched the show before but I did have a chance to see the Dominican Sisters of Mary on Oprah. IMO, the Sisters represented the order well. As expected Oprah was fairly clueless about the topic but she appeared respectful enough.

I agree it was nicely done, but felt Oprah’s multiple comments about abstaining from sex was very insensitive.

I don’t disagree that Oprah’s multiple comments about celibacy were insensitive; however, in an overly sexualized world the question was sure to be asked. I think the sisters handled it with amazing grace and have perhaps shown the overly sexualized world that there IS something else out there. Something wonderful and fulfilling.If Oprah hadn’t asked repeatedly about it then they wouldn’t have been given that wonderful opportunity to show how they are the really free ones. :thumbsup: This is more about how well the sisters handled it than how Oprah did, of course. Oprah was respectful and the show was done well IMO.

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