Dominican Sisters of Mary "Truth In The Heart" Series Now on DVD!


In an effort to provide children with the opportunity to receive Catholic education from religious sisters, EWTN developed a 25-part television series entitled “Truth in the Heart”.

During each half-hour show, one of the Sisters teaches a lesson on the basic Truths of our faith, using Holy Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as their foundation. Now in its third season, 24 all-new episodes of “Truth in the Heart” are scheduled to air in summer 2008.

Topics from the first season (2006) were:

Baptism (1st Grade)
Reconciliation & Holy Eucharist (2nd Grade)
Virtue in the Lives of the Saints (3rd Grade)
Sin and Grace (4th Grade)
Heaven (5th Grade)

Topics from the second season (2007) were:
Signs and Symbols of our Faith (1st Grade)
This is the Mass (2nd Grade)
Our Blessed Mother (3rd Grade)
The Holy Spirit (4th Grade)
Man and Freedom (5th Grade)

New shows in 2008 will feature lessons on the life of Christ, the Apostles’ Creed, the seven cardinal virtues and the liturgy.


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