Dominican Sisters of Mary vs. Nashville Dominicans

For anyone who is very familiar with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist and the Nashville Dominicans of St Cecilia, what are some differences between the two orders?

They seem extremely similiar in their charism, apostolate, prayer and convent life, habit, and size.

I am discerning the religious life. Prayers please!

They’re both of the same order, the Order of Preachers: the Dominicans. So, their charism is the same…as they’re both Dominicans. Both are growing, fast, and at a steady rate. Perhaps location is the only difference? They both teach…and they’re both very orthodox. So, maybe you should meet a director of vocations, so you can speak to both of the communities and see which one appeals to you.

Several of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia teach my children.

Not sure if they would be willing, don’t see why not, but I could try to put you in touch with one of them for a chat. Send me a PM.


The Nashville Dominicans teach our daughter and we are crazy about them!!! I don’t even have words to describe what a wonderful group of Sisters they are. I am not saying they are ‘better’ than the other Dominicans but if i were you i would contact them to see if you could set up a time to visit with them. If you are discerning your vocation, i can’t think of a better order to start your search. Keep us posted!

As a Michigander, I can put in a resounding endorsement of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. They also have teaching as a charism.
Go visit each one and see!

I am actually entering the Dominican Sisters of Mary in Ann Arbor in 2 weeks. The main difference is that the Sisters in Michigan have a Eucharistic Holy Hour every single morning. They also are big into the New Evangelization as they have sisters teaching on EWTN.

Personally I love the sisters in Ann Arbor, but I am a little bias. :wink:

Both the ND’s and DSMME’s have discernment retreats and come and see events so it may be worth visiting them both and seeing for yourself if either of them click with you. I have friends entering each of them this summer and they are both fantastic communities.

I think I read somewhere in the Ann Arbor Dominicans’ history that they are an ‘offshoot’ of the Nashville Dominicans. I believe that Mother Mary Assumpta and the founding Sisters were originally from Nashville.

And besides, the Nashville Dominicans are the older of the two. They were founded in the 1860s.

This is correct. Mother Assumpta and three other sisters who founded the community were from the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia, in Nashville. So there are some obvious similarities. The Ann Arbor community is much more recent (1997), so there are a number of sisters still in formation, but both communities are growing steadily. The apostolate of both communities is Catholic Education.

Another forum had a discussion on this topic. Take the comments with a grain of salt, but they may or may not help: (I haven’t read them all)

I have no direct experience with the Nashville Dominicans, but I can say the Ann Arbor Dominicans are awesome beyond telling. They’re really on fire for Christ, full of energy, sharp as tacks, and not afraid to put everything on the line for Jesus.

And FYI-Mother Assumpta has a blood sister who is also a foundress. Her name is Mother Gabriel, and she co-founded the ‘Sister Servants of the Eternal Word’ with Mother Angelica.

If you’ve read Raymond Arroyo’s bio of Mother Angelica at all, the two parted ways after disagreements about the community’s direction and purpose.

The Sister Servants have their convent ‘Casa Maria’ outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Many of their retreats are conducted by priests and religious who have been guests on EWTN.

Unlike Franciscans (for example), Dominicans doesn’t have any branch…
So as LoyalViews has said, they’re from the same Order of Preachers.

I’ll add you on my prayer list GodsLittleChild… I’m discerning for religious life as well… And currently is SOOOO aspired to be a Dominican priest. :slight_smile:

The title of this thread gave me a very weird mental image. Nuns in the boxing ring…

Although both communities are Dominican, they actually do have a lot of differences. The DSMME seem more open, I guess, when it comes to vocations. They dont put as much focus on the candidate before giving them a application. Whereas the Nashville Dominicans ( of St. Cecilia) are more strict when it comes to giving out applications. I used to get annoyed by this, but I think it is good because they really make you think long and hard about what you are doing and if it is God’s will. I just think in general the DSMME are more lax about things. The Nashville Dominicans are absolutely amazing! I was taught by them in high school and have been around them all of my life. I have been to the Motherhouse a few times.I know that they really are strict about family but honestly if I was going to enter a convent I would want to do it all the way-not half way. The Nashville Dominicans are hilarious and welcoming. I would HIGHLY suggest visiting them! The vocation director- Sr.Peter Marie, used to work at my old school and she is one of the funniest people I know! She is so chill and easy to talk to! I know this is a little late but just thought I would put in my thoughts! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

I normally lurk, but this post motivated me to register so that I could post. Your comments are shocking, mckie. Have you ever heard of bearing false witness? It is a very serious offense against God, especially when done in public. Very serious indeed.

I know both orders, have a relative in one and a dear friend in another and I can assure you that applications are not randomly handed out by the DSMME, they are not lax nor would it be going half-way to enter one as opposed to another. Based on your attachment to the Nashville Dominican’s I can only imagine your ability to reason logically was impaired in your post and that you have imagined some kind of competition exists between the two orders. It doesn’t. It may interest you to know that exactly the same number of girls entered both orders last year, they lost the same number so that their first year novitiate group this year had the same exact number. Your logic can not explain that.

To the original poster, you can not determine which order God is calling you by what people post and you could very easily be mislead away from your calling, so take what people say with a grain of salt. Contact the vocation directors and correspond with them for awhile before going on a Come & See. Despite what Mckie posted, the DSMME will not just hand you an application as many girls who have been denied papers will report. Sr. Joseph Andrew has a keen sense of who is called and who isn’t (she was the novice mistress with the Nashvilles for many years) and will often tell girls to pray about it longer or visit other communities. Don’t let yourself be concerned about being pressured into a community—it’s just not going to happen. Sr. JA is very enthusiastic so one might assume she accepts everyone, but she doesn’t.

The Nashville Dominicans have a new vocation director, so anyone who was not happy with their communications with the previous one should try again. They are a wonderful order. Both orders are lovely and equally dear to God.

I was not trying to say anything against the DSMME order. I have looked at both orders and have researched and talked to both Vocation directors. They just have a approach that you can try it out and see. Where as the Nashville Dominicans take a very different approach. I am not “logically impaired”. The DSMME Sisters say this in their videos- that they think you should just give it a try. I know and have heard from the Nashville Dominicans that when you enter you go in with the mind set that you will be there forever. There are people that leave but they do not think that you should just go in and give it a try. Again I was not trying to say anything negative about the DSMME. I do not think that there is a competition between the two orders at all and I think it is unfair for you to put words into my mouth. Both orders are trying to do the Will of God, but they do so in very different ways. That is all that I was saying. As far as going half way-all I meant was that I want to give EVERYTHING. That is not what God asks of everyone and He may ask to give in other ways. But for me thats how I feel He is calling me. If I were to enter the DSMME I do not feel that I would be giving Him everything- that is all I was saying.*

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