Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

Hi all,

In my search of religious communities I have come across this group, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. This is their website…

The website is great and has a lot of wonderful information but I was wondering if there was anyone here that might also know anything about them?

Also, does anyone have any resources that discuss the Dominican Order? ( I hope that is what it is called, if I am incorrect please let me know)


Alicia, this congregation (community) of sisters is truly wonderful!. Yes, they are Dominicans (Order of Preachers – O.P.) and are sisters who live in community and primarily are in teaching ministries. Their motherhouse is in Nashville but they are sent to teach in a number of places throughout the country. I know of them here in Atlanta (at St. Catherine of Siena) and in Cincinnati (at St. Gertrude where also the Priory there is the Novitiate for men in the Eastern Province. This community of sisters is faithful to the Gospel and to the Holy Father and the number of their vocations is increasing!

You can find general information on the Dominican Order by looking at the Order’s universal website

Thank you very much. I am very excited to learn more about them :slight_smile:

I had to reply when I saw the OP! Please come to Nashville to visit the Sisters and enjoy one of their retreats! They are a very vibrant order here in Nashville and they’ve been here for 150 years.

I think that would be so wonderful but I am not sure that I would be able to do it. It isn’t exactly the closest :confused: I did fill out their inquiry contact form. Maybe I will hear back from them.:o

I have looked at a number of orders-- out of interest in religious calling in general rather than for myself–and this order, if I were going to be a nun, would be my first choice, far and away.

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