Dominican Writers

From my understanding, there are both Dominican Priests AND Monastic Orders, right? Can anybody recommend any good Dominican writers?

St. Thomas i belive has some good writings God bless

Haha! Other than St. Thomas Aquinas. I am quite familiar with his work.

Here are a few:

St. Catherine of Siena (her dialogue), Ven. Luis of Grenada, Meister Eckhart (with reserve…he’s hard to understand and has some debatable ideas), Bl. Henry Suso, St. Albert the Great, St. Vincent Ferrer (I don’t think he wrote much but we have sermons), Vincent McNabb, Marie Joseph Lagrange, Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.

Some more contemporary authors include: Yves Congar, Romanus Cessario, Benedict Ashley, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, John Peter Cameron, as well as hosts of others.

Hope these are helpful!

Thanks a bunch!

St. Thomas
St. Catherine
Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange
(not Dominicans but Thomists --Jacques and Raissa Maritain)
Fr. Jordon Aumann
Fr. Benedict Ashley
Fr. Servais Pinckaers
Fr. Romanus Cessario


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