Dominicans and Rosary


Hello, I am curious about the large rosaries that Dominican friars (and maybe some other religious orders) wear strapped to their belt. Is there a special name for these? Is it a typical 5-decade rosary, only larger?

Also… my understanding is that the daily prayer of the Dominicans includes praying the entire rosary (all of the mysteries). Now that the Holy Father has added the Luminous Mysteries, do the Dominicans now pray all 20 mysteries each day?



Dear Bobby,

We Dominicans wear a fifteen decade rosary with our habits. It has no other name than that, as far as I know. Our consitutions only require that we pray five decades each day. We don’t have any plans to extend the rosary by five more decades for the Luminous Mysteries. We just use the beads we have.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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