Dominicans of Avrille


Is this religious group of Dominicans in communion with the Holy Roman Catholic Church? I began reading some of their articles and appreciate them greatly, but I do not desire to dabble in a heretical group.


The Dominicans of Avrillé have ties to the SSPX. This alone does not make them “heretics,” but the statement on their Web site (which I will not link to) that “the Catholic Faith is being eroded by the Conciliar Church, and by many groups who wish to compromise with it” does not by any stretch of the imagination suggest full communion with Rome and thus inspires me to steer clear of them.




I’m not sure I knew of these Dominicans. I hope and pray, however, that Rome will permit the SSPX to become a personal prelature. Persons attracted to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (MEF) are permitted to attend SSPX and independent chapels (and permitted to contribute to the light bill), with the caveat that they should be on guard against the rhetoric coming from the pulpit.

Mrs Cloisters, OP
Lay Dominican


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