Dominion Voting Systems

Does anyone have a list of which states used Dominion? I would like to see:

  • were they all blue controlled before the election ? Or did red authorities hire Dominion too?
  • were they all swing states?
  • did any actually swing from blue to red?

Easy enough to find using a search engine…

  • No.
  • No.
  • No, but Trump didn’t flip any state that went Democratic last time, Dominion or not.

I note that at least one of those states, Georgia, did a hand recount which validated the machine count.

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Great thank you.

Thank you.

However the answer to question “were they all blue controlled before the election ? Or did red authorities hire Dominion too?” cannot be just “no.”

If they were not all blue controlled, red authorities must have used them too.

No to the first half of the question, which answers the second half.

Also, I gather you’re not from the states, but we don’t really say “blue authorities” or “red authorities.” Just sounds weird. There are states that vote traditionally vote Republican, states that traditionally vote Democratic, and then states that swing back and forth. But we don’t have like official “blue authorities.” Most of the day to day administration in the United States is done by non-partisan career civil servants, not people associated with a political party.

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Thanks. So the decision to use Dominion systems would be taken at what level?

What Im getting at is why, if it was so obviously suspect as republicans claim, did none of the Republicans challenge the decision to use them until after the election?

Being charitable for a moment, it would have taken too much time and resources to investigate it ahead of time. The best test is a real election with comparison of the machine count against a hand count.

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That just proves they weren’t ALL glitchy and/or tampered with.

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State legislators, so a mix of elected Republicans and Democrats.

In Texas, the machines were rejected prior to that state’s elections. They were tested by software and other technical experts, and found to be faulty. So they weren’t used in Texas.

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Yes, but it is real evidence, and more evidence can be gathered in a straightforward manner.

If I were an election commissioner, I would routinely do spot checks in every election, in every polling place. For example, take all the ballots counted by one machine and hand-recount them.

Well here’s my position:

As a Catholic I want Trump to win because of his stance on abortion and war. He is the least pro abortion and least pro war President for over a generation.

BUT as a Catholic I cannot support either cheating (by Democrats) or fake claims that Democrats cheated (by republicans). I want the truth either way.


Get Kira Nerys on the case right now. Yes I’m going to do Star Trek jokes till people groan…


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