Don Bosco's vision of Hell

Has anyone read Don Bosco’s vision of Hell? I just did and found it unnerving.


If more people found hell unnerving, fewer people would end up there!


Yeah, I read it about 10 months ago. It, along with the visions of Hell from Padre Pio, Teresa of Avila, and various other Catholic mystics, inspired me to change a lot of stuff I was doing. I am not sure how I ended up googling “saints’ visions of Hell” at 2 in the morning last Jan or Feb but I did and the rest is history.

edited to add, I think I was looking up the Fatima children’s vision of Hell that I remembered reading in my childhood and which scared me then…I discovered as a result that saints all over the place had seen terrifying visions of Hell. And Purgatory too.


Just for anyone interested the whole vision can be read here at:


Why is it we hear about visions of hell and few if any of visions of heaven ?

Is=f faith a matter of frightening people into behaving, then it’s not faith because it’s not based on divine love, but fear.

As Dr Scott Hahn recently said something to the effect of, salvation isn’t what we’re saved “from,” but what we’re saved “for.”



Christ was in the business of “scaring.” So is Christ wrong for doing that?

Why take issue with visions of hell?

Hell is a dogma of the Faith. Eternal damnation is a real potential, and it’s no joke.

God is not just Mercy, Love and Truth.

He is also Terrible, Just, and filled with Wrath toward sin and evil.

Gods Mercy without his Justice would be unjust.

Gods Justice without his Mercy would be tyrannical.

Our understanding of God will be unintelligible if we don’t understand his Mercy, his Wrath, his Love, his Justice, his Truth, and his Awesomeness simultaneously.

Both Popes Benedict and Francis have spoken about Gods Justice, Gods Wrath, hell, demons, the devil, and other such things on plenty of occasions.

Just because Pope Francis puts the emphasis on Mercy does not mean he negates Gods Justice.

And finally, there is also an abundance of visions of Heaven… starting with public revelation in the Bible. Just these visions don’t get talked about as much here on CAF as the hellish ones. I suspect because of our innate morbid curiosity as fallen creatures living in a fallen world.


I have not but it is now on the list. I have read Saint Alphonsus Liguori’s account of it, and that will leave you with smoke wafting off your cloths! Not to mention Chad Rippenger’s version, all of which are probably similar.

Just remember though, Christ’s mercy is infinite capable of saving the worst sinners on Earth. Saint Paul killed followers of Christ before his conversion. He rescues all who seek him, even the likes of me and you!


Read it. Terrifying stuff. If you found it interesting, check out Fr. Chad Rippereger’s conference on Hell. It’s built off of the visions of the Saints (including Bosco). It’s an amazing talk…

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Well the good Dr. is sadly mistaken. You do not get save “for” something. In order to be saved there must necessarily be something to be saved “from” That’s how it works. To say people are saved “for” something is just sentimentalism meant to tickle people’s ears.


A few nights ago, I asked my parents to save some pizza for me. :thinking:


That’s a funny analogy, kudos! :joy:

In this scenario, human beings would be the pizza, you would be Heaven, the beneficiary of the saving action, and your parents would be the saving agent, or God. Well, when the pizza is “saved” it has gained no benefit. In fact, it is destined for demise by your hand (or stomach). For this to make sense, your parents would need to save the pizza from you eating it for the sake of the pizza. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When human beings are saved, we are the beneficiaries. When your parents save the pizza for you to eat it, they’re not doing any favors for the pizza. They’re actually ensuring that it will be destroyed. Likewise, when God saves man, it’s for man’s sake. Not God’s.

Then take into account that in the beginning man never needed to be saved. It is only when he sinned did he need saving. He walked away from God and exposed himself to death. To bring him back, God must save him. God thus saves man from his sins and the consequences of his sins, namely, eternal damnation.

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We’re saved to share in eternal happiness with God.

God didn’t send Jesus to change his mind about men. He sent Jesus to change man’s minds about God.


I’ve read the book,but it was some years ago…time to read it again.Thank you!

I don’t find this to be the case. Just about every person who has an NDE has said something about heaven. I thought the Fatima children also got a glimpse of Heaven when Mary was vanishing back into it.

As for “frightening people into behaving”, this entire society today has lost track of the idea that Actions Have Consequences. I don’t think a little fear is a bad thing. It worked wonders for me. I now am more motivated by love of God than fear of God, but you need to take the fear step to get to the love step in many cases, unless you happen to be born a saint.


NDE’s are blown off in this website, because they see heaven instead of hell, especially when they weren’t believing Christians.

The children of Fatima weren’t shown heaven itself, but the vision of Mary, St Joseph and Jesus were heaven to them.


NDE’s and for that matter, visions of Jesus, Mary and the saints are blown off on this website and on a lot of websites. Who cares? People on Internet websites aren’t authorities. It doesn’t make the visions any less affecting to those who see them, and many such visions bear wonderful fruit, which to me is evidence of their truth.

I seem to recall Jacinta saw a glimpse of Heaven as being filled with pink roses, but I would have to do research to verify that as I read it years ago.

St. Faustina also had a vision of Heaven, which was more detailed and is often quoted.

Anne Catherine Emmerich had a heavenly vision also, I believe.

Our Lord talked about damnation on several occasions and did so vividly. There is nothing inappropriate about it.

Anne Catherine Emmerich also reportedly saw that Africans were “cursed” by God with black skin which marked them apart from the “nobler” lighter races…an excerpt was quoted on a relatively recent thread on this forum. While she is a Blessed, I understand that the records of her visions have not been endorsed by the Church as she herself did not write them.

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Did they save it from you, instead? :rofl:

(Edit: sorry @Omgriley, hadn’t read your response yet… I like how you think. :laughing:)

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