Don Imus Back On The Air

Don Imus Back On The Air
ABC Announces Deal With Shock Jock
By Peter Lauria

November 1, 2007 – It’s official: Don Imus is coming back to the airwaves, confirming a story first written by The Post in August.

Citadel Broadcasting Corporation and 77 WABC Radio announced today the return of radio’s lone cowboy Don Imus as the station’s new morning host beginning Monday, Dec. 3.

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Looks like WABC in NY is finally getting rid of Ron Cubie.

Good for Don!! His first remarks should be calling those who wanted him off air as “nappy headed hot-heads” :wink:

There is now a writer’s strike.

And it is extrememly humorous listening to the on-air folks trying to improvise their speils. [Did I spell “speil” right? I don’t have a professional highly paid writer doing my writing for me.]

Their voices are quaking and shaking.

I never realized that everyone was just a reader.

And now, they have to do their own word creation.

How soon will the first improviser commit an offense as naughty as Don Imus’s.

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