Don Imus dies at 79

Blessed repose and eternal memory


I listened to him for a short period of time.

Praying for the repose of his soul.


Not too long ago, I used to listen to him on a daily basis. He was a curmudgeon (in public at least) but he also seemed to have a lot of kindness and generosity in him; for example he ran a charity where kids suffering from cancer got to visit his ranch and do various fun activities there. He will be missed.


And in my experience with him. Once I worked for a company that did some one of a kind custom printing. He placed an order with us, I was senior so I not only did his job but communicated directly with him. Lost track of how many we threw away because he did not like them, but, finally he was happy with the product. When I read this title that product was POW in front of my mind.

May he find peace in eternal life.

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