“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” is still the rule in seminary



Very good article.

Agree with CajunJoy65 - it’s well written and a very good article. I was surprised to see in print the section on " Regarding the gate keepers of the seminary" - good to see it stated plainly.

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I like this quote from the article:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the declining overall number of seminarians is resulting in a higher percentage of men coming to the seminary, not to hide their sexual attractions, but to embrace the priesthood of Jesus Christ and all of its demands.


True, Holy, devout seminarians and Priests give up a whole lot to answer God’s call but they probably get a whole lot more in return that we will never know about.


The minute I clicked on this thread, the developing thunderstorm outside the window behind me did a flash-bang.

Encourage the seminarians to get concealed carry permits. Then they have the legal authority to either make a citizens arrest or detain until law enforcement gets there.

The seminarians should check with local law enforcement to see if they have the right to make a citizens arrest.

Or they can use the “666” or other code with their families, and the family can contact law enforcement.

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