"Don`t believe anything you are told and only half of what you see"

This is a screenshot of a tweet that a major US media organisation posted recently:

Cough, cough!

Actually, the annual fireworks and bonfires lit on November 5th have proceeded this election by hundreds of years, as many people celebrate the foiling of the “Gunpowder Plot” on this day.
And I am fully expecting to read that this was the celebratory meal that was eaten as well!!

Heaven knows what they will make of this in a few weeks time…


Hilarious! I bet the person who wrote that tweet will be demoted!

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Being it’s ABC, they’ll probably get promoted. :wink:

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Au contraire " (as they don`t say in Wigan”)

I do not trust the news for the most part. I my life, I have been in locations that have made the news, and sometimes it was national. What happened and what the media reported in those instances was, let’s say. Not accurate. They did say something happened, what they failed to say was the truth.

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Thread title made me think of this…

My children all had the same kindergarten teacher and she would say to the parents, “I’ll believe only half of what your kid tells me about you if you agree to believe only half of what your kid tells you about me”.


500,00 people in Australia have signed a petition by a former Prime Minister for parliament to hold an inquiry into the Murdoch media empire which controls a large part of the Australian news media, it also owns Fox News here in the US. Interestingly another Prime Minister of Australia has also come out in support calling the Murdoch media “propaganda”, they have for decades peddled opinions supporting their rightwing political agenda. I gave up watching Fox News years ago, neither do I watch MSNBC, CNN. Cable news channels here in the US are not worthy to be called “news” channels.

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