Don’t fall for this Pope Francis hoax: 5 things to know and share [Akin]

Which in turn makes it fine for god to torture them. No wonder Francis did so well in Argentina. All those folks that were “disappeared” obviously chose to disappear.

I think you’re having to spend more time debunking the secular media’s rendering of Pope Francis’ words.



I think you’re right.

The secular media is having a field day with Pope Francis…I did not notice that during the previous two pontificates.

thanks for info

WHEW! Can’t believe I somewhat fell for that blog. Apparently I’m a very trusting person. It can be a very quality sometimes. Thanks for clearing that one up Mr. Akin!

My own take on this is because, JPII and BXVI were not perceived as “social liberals”, whereas Francis seems to appear to have those kinds of leanings The difference is his social liberalism - helping the poor, etc. - does not translate into a secular liberalism - radical feminism, the radical gay agenda, and the like.


There was a similar article in the Huffington Post, I think.

for Catholics, when it mentioned the third Vatican council, that should have rang some alarm bells, but for non-catholics, it wouldn’t. it concerns me how many people believe this hoax.

I think Pope Francis will go down as the most misrepresented, misunderstood and distorted Pope in the history of the Church.

This is in no way the fault of his Holiness-his views and conduct are, and has always been, orthodox and faithful to the Church. However, it appears there are many with a sinister motive who wish to distort his message and twist his words to achieve their agendas.

How come Pope Francis doesn’t realise that his word is being misunderstood. Him being voted the ‘Times Man of the Year’ should have been ringing his bells. Why is he not doing anything about it?

There’s a little more involved here than simply having faith. The Pope has raised questions in my mind far more serious than his verbal gaffs. He has appointed Cardinal Sean O’Malley as one of is eight advisors. O’Malley is my bishop. For years he has coddled openly homosexual priests and has one as his principle advisors. Google ‘Boston Catholic Insider’ and read the two most recent posts and the accompanying comments.

The Pope has also appointed Cardinal Donald Wuerl to the committee advising him on the selection of bishops. When he bishop on Pittsburgh, his flock referred to him as ‘Donna.’ You the point, I’m sure. The Vatican is better than the CIA when it comes to vetting the record of individuals and it simply cannot be that the Pope doesn’t know about the record of these two princes of the Church. I am greatly troubled about this.

When he was elected and I heard he was going to call himself ‘Francis’ I knew we were in trouble. The liberal Jesuit from Argentina is losing ground with me fast.

Check out saint malachy the Irish saint.

Two pretty good questions there.

You can be working for the enemy and not even known it that’s why, keep praying and fasting Brothers and sisters as the Spiritual Battle intensifies.

What makes you think he is not aware? And what makes this Pope’s being misrepresented any different than any other Pope? Can the Pope help it if the media has found new and improve ways to misrepresent the Church? Aren’t we all responsible for actually finding out what he REALLY said and going to the sources and learning what his messages really are? Are WE not responsible if we just take the media’s word for it? And if the general population is willing to just do that, how is that different from any other generation that has preferred evil to good? What exactly would the Pope do about being misrepresented, while still maintaining the mission of the Church??

I stumbled across the false claims being discussed here on another thread that had a link to an anti-catholic site. Glad its false but its still troubles me.

What troubles me is how this demonstrates how lost the world is. The world still wants what Satan promised Adam and Eve. People still want the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They want a church that wont deny their sinful desires.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people think the Pope is the “dictator” of the RCC. I have to remind people close to me the Pope is not going to rewrite the books.

The fact he’s not doing anything about his sloppy rhetoric indicates he’s either he’s not aware of its effects or doesn’t care. He’s still giving the secular media all the ammunition they need to misrepresent his views by substituting their own. The Pope should know that creates serious confusion in the Catholic laity and leads the non-Catholic laity into a mistaken notion of what the Church teaches.

When was the last time you saw a pope as frequently misrepresented as this one is?

I disagree with your premise. It’s the responsibility of every speaker to frame his words in ways that cannot be mistaken, so the answer to your questions is ‘no.’ We’re talking about the leader of global Catholicism. He has an obligation to be absolutely certain he’s not putting the Church in a position to be used by her enemies to further their agenda.

What is the mission of the Church? The Pope is supposed to be the head of the global Church, not a global soup kitchen. I’ve said what I think he should do about being misrepresented.

I will give Pope Francis some room because he has not even been Pope for one year yet.
I don’t think he had a lot of experience working at the Vatican before he became Pope like Benedict XVI did. correct me if I am wrong. he is not a European Pope. he is from another continent. he is still learning the ropes.

I agree with what you say somewhat. he is the leader of global Catholicism and maybe he has just not been made aware yet of how manipulative the media can be and how the media can twist what has been said around to fulfill their own agenda.

Let’s be careful here. It is not up to us to give the pope room or to withhold it. He is the supreme head of the Church and we are the subjects. The Church is a monarchy not a republic. Your statement sounds very American; but the Church is not American.

I don’t think he had a lot of experience working at the Vatican before he became Pope like Benedict XVI did.

When the congregations met, before the conclave, one of the requirements that they put on the table was to elect a cardinal that was not from the Vatican and that did not have the Vatican baggage. One of the challenges that Pope Benedict faced was having been too close to the Vatican machine for so many years. As much as he may have wanted to jettison it, it was not an easy thing to do for a man in his 80s who had know know much of anything else except the Vatican and the classroom.

he is not a European Pope. he is from another continent. he is still learning the ropes.

The College of Cardinals was not looking for a European nor anyone who would become like a European. It is we who have to move away from the European Catholic model. The 19 new cardinals show that this is exactly what the Church is trying to do. Observe that most of the new cardinals come from the southern hemisphere and from the eastern world. Besides the new cardinals, the pope has given permission for the ordination of over 50 new bishops during the last 8 or 9 months. At least 45 of them are from the developing nations and from the Middle East. These are the future cardinals and among them is a future pope.

He has every intention of steering us as far away from Europe as possible and much closer to the southern regions where the majority of Catholics now live. We must remember that American Catholics are an insignificant number. We have always been an insignificant number. We managed to get Rome’s attention because we have money to buy that attention. It is fair to say that Americans are the most generous people on the planet. But the Church has to balance its budget and its population. It’s population right now is mostly in the southern and eastern hemispheres.

maybe he has just not been made aware yet of how manipulative the media can be and how the media can twist what has been said around to fulfill their own agenda.

Why are we speaking about this man as if he were an imbecile? This man was a major superior, a rector of a seminary, a university professor, a theologian, an engineer, a pastor, and an archbishop of a major metropolis.

We, Americans, have to be very careful how we speak about the pope. Very often we speak about him as “the man who comes from a developing country.” That almost borders on Yankeeism, as if nothing and no country is as sophisticated as we are. Therefore, we have to condescend to the poor chap.

This poor chap comes from a metropolis that is the most European city in the America, with diverse ethnic groups, several languages, and a great deal of contact and commerce with the European Union and the Middle East. His country also has nuclear power. I taught at the University in Buenos Aires. There was very little difference between that city and Rome where I went to school. I would say that Buenos Aires is a cross between Madrid and Tel Aviv.

Let’s be careful not to underestimate the pope or the College of Cardinals. I think there was a very deliberate plan to break away from Europe and the USA. After many years of European and American presence in the Vatican, we were no longer effective. It was time for a change of faces and places. We did a great job for a long time, but we can’t seem to keep it up… It’s time to hand the reigns over to the up and coming Catholics.

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