Don’t leave the Church. Lead the Church

Truly a tragic revelation that has occurred in the Church. Especially with the former Apostolic Nuncio report released this past Sunday. This video was uploaded 5 days ago.

If you don’t know Fr. Mike I’d recommend looking into his videos. They are top notch.

God Bless

The Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Scandal

This talk is difficult for Fr. Mike to give, but sadly, it is also necessary. Since the Pennsylvania Report was released, practically every headline with the word "Catholic" in it has been about the report, which covers seventy years and gives accounts of three hundred priests who allegedly abused over one thousand minors over.


Father Mike for Pope! I love his videos and he and Bishop Barron are two of my go-to youtubers.


Didn’t watch the video, but the title of this thread is a great exhortation to persevere. Thanks for posting.

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He’s obviously not wrong, but it would be nice to get into specifics. How does one lead a hierarchical institution? I’m seeing many confused Catholics everywhere


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