Don’t Talk to Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking

Scientist suggests that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.”

I don’t believe in aliens. I think that our telescopes would have seen a ship if it existed. These telescopes can see thousands of light years away, yet always seem to miss UFOs lol.

But If there are beings outside of earth, it would seem wise not to talk to them because of the harm they can do to us. They can be like the Aliens from the Alien series and be more than we can handle.

It’s official, Hawkins is nuts.

or…re: a particular “Twilight Zone” episode entitled, “To Serve Man”, gather us as food for their species. :smiley:

Put me down as agnostic. But it IS an unimaginably large universe. Nothing would surprise me.

Our telescopes can only see things thousands of light-years away if those things happen to be emitting zillions of joules of energy per second. Our sun, for instance, emits about 3.846×10^26 joules per second, and if it were outside of our galaxy, we wouldn’t be able to see it at all as an individual star. Moreover, most of the stars that we can see are millions of times the size of the earth.

Basically, our telescopes can see things that are very, very, very big, and very, very, very bright.

As for other things, we can hardly see those at all. Outside of our solar system, we cannot really see anything even as small as a planet. We have to extrapolate the existence of planets by measuring gravitational perturbations and fluctuations in light coming from nearby stars. But we certainly can’t see them, even though many of those planets are many, many times bigger than the earth.

UFO’s, if they existed, are probably much smaller than the earth, and it is unlikely that they would emit very much light at all. Even for the sun to emit as much light as it does, it needs to burn around 500 million tons of hydrogen every second. I doubt any kind of spacecraft would be able to do that.

So in synthesis, there is about a 0% chance that our telescopes would be able to see a UFO, unless that UFO was already so close that it was orbiting around earth.

Nice summery White Tree. Very informative.

Really? I think he makes a good point. Anything technologically capable of serious spaceflight could probably destroy/enslave us. And it probably would, seeing as that’s probably what we’d do to it.


You can’t count on aliens being friendly. Speak softly, but keep the big guns handy, just in case.
“Independence Day” is probably a more likely scenario than “E.T.”

Personally, I don’t think that you can really count on people being friendly either. Which is why I have the same gun policy you have, but for people as well :smiley:


Mr. Hawking should be told that we have never encountered intelligent alien beings. Of course, the military would have to be concerned with a possible threat since dealing with threats is their primary mission.

We can’t even guess at what actual alien beings might be like. To pattern them after ourselves is a wild guess and nothing more. They could be friendly.

UFOs are actual craft and they have been observed by qualified observers. I don’t think they’re interplanetary.

God bless,

I think that he knows, he was probably just speaking hypothetically.

I think his point was that we shouldn’t assume they’re friendly.


Personally, I haven’t ruled out the possibility of aliens existing, especially after hearing in the Gospel a few years ago, Jesus saying ‘I have sheep that are not of this fold’. Of course, He could have meant the Jews and Gentiles, but it kind of made me wonder - was He hinting at something? :slight_smile:
Then another thought I had more recently was that if there is another life form out there, I think humans would be superior, because why else would God pick the Queen of Heaven from among humans?
So I don’t think we really have anything to fear from alien life forms, any more than we fear the creatures of Earth. That said, however, there are enough dangers out in space that aren’t in any way alive, eg meteors, gamma ray exposure, solar storms etc etc

God bless:)

Perhaps we can count on them to be just as friendly as humans have been throughout history when encountering a technologically inferior group of other humans. If they merely applied our own standard, we’re toast. :whistle:

I wouldn’t worry. Before any civilization became sophisticated enough to develop serious space flight, it would probably have already developed nuclear weapons and destroyed itself in a brutal and pointless struggle over something stupid, and thus would not have survived long enough to develop such space capabilities. At least, that seems likely to me.


Uh, we developed nuclear weapons and until last week, could destroy the world four times over. Now it’s down to about two times over. And we have space capabilities.

God bless,

When I said “serious” space capabilities, I meant the kind of very advanced, intergalactic space travel that would be required for aliens to reach us. Sorry I wasn’t clear.


Did I miss a memo about FTL travel… since when is this possible? Because as far as Al Einstein and I know, an encounter with aliens would be something like this:

Alien Broadcast: “People of Earth. Know that we have become aware of you, and have sent you this message that you will receive in 800 of your Earth years. We are preparing an invasion fleet that will be upon you with all haste, probably in a mere 2000 of your Earth years. Prepare yourselves! We are investing our civilization’s Gross Planetary Product for the last geological epoch into this undertaking! It is, as you Earthlings say, On Like Donkey Kong. We will be there in two short millenia - count on it!”

So, not real worried here.

Good point. Maybe if they detected us before they destroyed themselves they would have a uniting goal. They could work together so they can direct their ambitions to the source of those weird EM signals from deep space.

Hey! What about her; she looks friendly?

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