Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of stealing Iowa — and demands a new caucus



Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of stealing Iowa — and demands a new caucus

The unexpected sense of generosity that marked Donald Trump’s concession speech in Iowa on Monday night began to fray during his speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday – and appears to have evaporated completely, given what Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. By the end of his tirade against Ted Cruz’s Iowa win, Trump suggested that a new election should be held. Trump’s initial tweet read:

[quote]Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he illegally stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong any why he got more votes than anticipated. Bad!

Notice that the word “and” is written as “any.” Trump has a habit of deleting tweets with typos and then retweeting them, which he did in this case, too. But he also took out the word “illegally.”

In the wake of Trump’s second-place finish, at least one conspiracy theory spread among his fans – but it centered on Marco Rubio, not Cruz. That theory was that Microsoft rigged its tabulation software to give Rubio a boost from Trump’s votes. This theory made no sense.
In later tweets, Trump explained his rationale.

At a news conference prior to his speech in New Hampshire, Trump referred to Cruz’s campaign having emailed voters during the caucuses implying that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. That email was excoriated by Carson in his statement on Monday night, and Cruz’s team copped to it on Tuesday. Given how Carson’s support evaporated at the end of last year, there’s no indicator that the email made much of a difference in the race; and Carson actually slightly over-performed his polling average. But, still, Trump lashed out at his main competitor.
“What he did to Ben Carson was terrible,” he said, according to The Hill. “When they said Ben Carson is out of the race and come vote for him, I thought it was terrible.”


A lot of the story is composed of tweets which I can’t include.
If the allegation about Cruz about claiming Carson having already dropped out it shows Cruz is dishonest but that’s politics.


As someone elsewhere said, Trump is showing himself to be petulant and possibly “unstable”, With the blue language he unleashed, it’s getting to be a bit too much.


In another words, if there is fraud and cheating going on in elections, just drop it since we are such nice Christian republicans who will take it lying down.


When Candy Carson went to caucus, she had to straighten up the record for her husband because Cruz Reps have announced carson was dropping out. Carson won the precinct after Candy’s clarification.

It is not just trump who is complaining.


No. If the allegations are true it’s something about Cruz that voters in future primaries should know and keep in mind. Trump may very well be lying about Cruz’s tactics.


Cruz has publicly apologized for the tactics so there is no “maybe.”

But Carson is demanding accountability after the apology.


If Cruz did this, then we certainly don’t need a president like that. We have had too many like that already.


Supposedly Cruz workers lied to caucus goers… indicating Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out in order to gain votes for Cruz. Also, Cruz has since called for the firing of those people and apologized.

An apology?

If true…that is low down dirty stuff that high school kids do!

ay yai yai!


He does need to apologize. A great leader shows humility. Maybe Cruz didn’t order that, but some people of his group lied. He should show some humility and be like, these individuals are fired and I apologize for what they said.


That’s not all Cruz campaign did. He also did this:


Or maybe the Cruz camp did not lie at all, maybe they were under that impression from the CNN story. But I don’t know but we should find out more. The fact Cruz apologized for what happened does not constitute an admission of guilt to me.


I agree, that is something an immature high school student would do.



Imagine if Trump did this!

If one person on Cruz staff slipped a little note, it would be a different matter. There were multiple representatives and multiple tweets from Cruz’s people spreading the same disinformation.

How do you get “Carson is going to florida for a break” (CNN report) to “Carson is quitting the race?” A far stretch, far more than a misunderstanding. More like an intentional lie, especially if your representatives at the caucuses announced it like it’s a really big deal.


In any case, what does this say about the gullibility and ignorance of the Iowan voters if they did not even know who was still in the race entering the polls.


There were no tactics. This was a mistake pure and simple.

I wouldn’t believe any that that comes out of the mouth of the game show host.

The results probably wouldn’t have been much different for Carson, so he needs to accept Cruz’s apology and movie on.


This is a state that went to Obama twice.

Their reward: a push or the feds to regulate 97% of their state.

As far as my job goes., we’ll have A LOT of work to do to manage all that private property and farmland.

And I expect everyone to be up bright and early! That means no sleeping till noon and watching Hawkeye football in Saturday or Stewart/Colbert in the middle of the day!

:nope: :dts: cause we have a planet to save!!!




Trump just couldn’t resist, could he? A little generosity can sometimes go a long way. Even Nixon did not contest the very close election which he lost against Kennedy despite substantial rumors that there was some ballot tampering. Just let it go, for once, Mr. Trump, and move on before you also lose New Hampshire due to your antics.


Sara Palin: Dirty Politics: Witnessing Firsthand It’s Always Heartbreaking…

Sara Palin endorsed Cruz for his senate campaign and was the reason Cruz got elected in the first place.


So even though Trump didn’t do anything wrong, you call him doing “antics,” but when his opponents lie, that’s just politics; it should just be accepted. See the double standard here?

Romney lost because he didn’t fight hard enough. Our country is losing militarily and culturally because good people don’t fight hard enough. I, for one, am sick and tired of being told we need to just be nice and the world will appreciate us more.


There is no guarantee the world will appreciate you more by accepting certain things, but you will save yourself a lot of aggravation and heartache. What does Trump expect to be done: a do-over caucus? This is behavior similar to what one might expect from a teenage adolescent on the playground. Do you also believe what Al Gore’s political team did in the 2000 election was necessary, and that it should have pursued the matter even further, if possible? Sometimes it is more honorable and peaceful to let things go even if you believe you are in the right, just as the Kenny Rogers’ song, The Gambler, says.

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