Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement





I am VERY morally opposed to for-profit higher education. I wish they would shut down all of these institutions.


Morally opposed? Pray tell what moral principle states that one cannot charge for higher education.

Would you rather the government (which is well known for doing everything so well) take over?


Should people who are teachers work for free?

With this settlement, Trump got this thing off his desk … as of a few days ago, he just doesn’t have time to fuss with it any longer.


The moral opposition that I have against for profi colleges, is their lack of accreditation. Im a nurse, and all of the for profit colleges in my community offer nursing programs that lack accreditation. Which means that for their nursing programs, these programs are knowingly charging students $40000-60000 dollars for a nursing degree that is completely useless. These students cant even sit for their nursing board exam to gain their licenses. To knowingly charge students that much money for their useless non-accredited program, in which in the end students wont even be able to get their licenses…is immoral. I to wish they would shut down these programs too.


Just the tip of the iceberg it seems. What happened with the other 72 lawsuits filed and possible conflict of interest that are bound to come up? He’s only filed for six bankruptcies, stiffed and insulted people and now we can move forward? What can possibly go wrong?

And to think the only reason I never voted for Bill Clinton was one lawsuit hanging over his head but continued to be baggage for him even though he won reelection…


My first thoughts were that he just bit the bullet and settled them with gritted teeth so he could focus on the serious work ahead of him. But then I wondered if everyone advising him on this forgot about Sarah Palin and how she was terrorised with lawsuits and threats of more lawsuits. Or maybe she advised him it was better in the long run and he found the logic in settling. I dunno, just conjecture on my part.

I’m afraid of the tsunami of lawsuits that will be heading his way, it does seem nowadays to be a favorite tactic of radicals which is really too bad because it dilutes believability in legitimate cases (and whether these particular lawsuits are legit or not I don’t know).

So much vibrant malice in the world. Lord have mercy on us!


I heard him say that he rarely settles and usually goes to court. I think he wants to get this taken care of so he can focus on his new job.


Absolutely not, of course.

But the problem with a lot of for-profit “colleges” is that they’re scams (and I’m not saying anything about Mr. Trump’s school one way or the other here). They usually are not accredited, and a degree from one of these institutions is worthless. Credit won’t transfer, so it’s not possible to advance to a higher degree at a real college or university, and their degrees are usually not accepted as professional certification.

They’re often more expensive than your local state community college, or even four-year college, too.


Well, the government (state and big city governments) *do *run a number of very well regarded institutions of higher learning.

I can’t think of a single for-profit college that is reputed to be as good as, say, Penn State, or SUNY in New York, or UCLA, or Berkeley.

So, in this case, it does seem that government does a better job than the private sector.


I’m a teacher.

At a not-for-profit college.

And I don’t work for free.


Really? You mean “radicals” are taking innocent citizens to court these days in your part of the world? Amazing!


I am learning that radicals will stoop to anything. They go low at every opportunity.


Harvard is a non profit. As are most if not all institutes of higher learning.

A while ago there was an author who wrote about relationships. He had Ph.d at the end of his name. It was from a non accredited university, and wasn’t recognized as valid.


So you would never sue anyone ever, no matter what was done to you?


I have worked for years in nonprofit higher education and I can assure you that there are few Mother Teresas in the nonprofit sector as well. We are mostly a bunch of self serving individuals who don’t really care for anyone except ourselves. I will agree however that the success rate of for profit higher education has not been very good.


For profit colleges also aggressively advertise to minority lower-income individuals promising “quick loans,”.

The commercials often feature young minority people, pregnant women, and even men dressed in a hip-hop attire. It’s shameful and so transparent.

One commercial for the illustrious “Everett College” features the moniker “get the skills that pay the bills”.


Actually, in real life, non-profit schools DO, IN FACT, make a profit.


True, but for tax purposes…

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