Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly Use the Super Bowl to Push Voter Fraud Lies (Daily Beast)


Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly Use the Super Bowl to Push Voter Fraud Lies

When O’Reilly led the president onto the subject of big-league voter fraud, the host asked Trump if he had concerns that he “can’t back up factually” what he says about alleged significant or large-scale fraud. (He can’t, but more on that in a bit.)

“Many people have come out and said I’m right,” Trump responded. (No one reliable, or who isn’t wrong, has done so—but, again, more on that later.)

“I know, but you have to have the data to back that up,” O’Reilly said.

“When you see illegals…and they’re on the registration rolls, look, Bill, we can be babies…[or see that] it’s really a bad situation,” Trump replied.

“So you think you’re going to be proven correct?” the Fox News personality asked.

“I think I already have,” Trump claimed.

O’Reilly chimed in again to point out that the “data has to show” that Trump is in fact right. The president shot back, telling his friend Bill to “forget all that” and assured him that Vice President Mike Pence would head a committee on getting to the bottom of this imagined problem.

Already been investigated and found no evidence. This is waste of time and the taxpayers money. The only thing about the election that has been confirmed is the hacking and influence by hackers from a foreign power.


I thought people on this forum were not allowed to post op-eds on here?


Fact-checking Donald Trump’s Super Bowl interview

The facts don’t lie…


This is standard behavior for Mr. Trump. He promoted the racist lie that President Obama wasn’t born in the USA. And he continues to push these bogus claims of voter fraud because he can’t handle the fact that he lost the popular vote. Very sad. :frowning:


So clever. This early in his administration he confronts his supporters with a choice.
Support me, even believing me when Iie, or get out. It’s still the honeymoon.
What will they choose? Trump or Truth?


**[FONT="]“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

“How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”

“It is not truth that matters, but victory”**

Wise and honest people will find out who said these these things and compare them to this administration[FONT=&quot]…[/FONT]


That’s not racist and it’s my understanding Hillary Clinton’s team came up with the idea.


There is no question that vote fraud happened in 2016. The only question is the numbers. California Governor Jerry Brown actively encouraged non-citizens to vote, in violation of Federal law.


That’s not what Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, their supporters and the media thought just recently…

Frankly, Trump needs to back up his claims with evidence as O’Reilly says. I find the headline very misleading and I’m thinking this thread will be closed soon. How does the headline “Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly Use the Super Bowl to Push Voter Fraud Lies” match wth O’Reilly pushing Trump for evidence on this claim?

I myself do think there is a lot of voter fraud going on in the U.S. And we know, at the very least, that it has gone on in the past in many states. I don’t think its enough to change a presidential election, though, and I think it should be investigated, not for the sake of conservatives or liberals, but for the sake of the democratic process. But I think it should be undertaken by a neutral organization or a collaboration between a serious liberal organization and a serious conservative organization, in order to rule out bias.

Unfortunately, many liberal activists consider the requirement of a state ID as far too much of a burden for voting. Mind you, you need such an ID for just about all the welfare and other government programs that said activists have rammed down our throats by force of law. Apparently it’s a non-issue there. But for voting you’d think that such a simple requirement also included being while, male and owning land, considering how “discriminatory” they consider it to be.


Facts don’t lie, but that isn’t much of a fact check or a deep analysis to say the least. The fact that Donald Trump and Mike Pence aren’t openly insulting Russia and suggesting that we are superior to them?

Do you know how dangerous and arrogant it is to say we are superior to anyone?


I doubt the voter fraud is as bad as Trump says. But the fact is we had precincts in the last election that had more voters than eligible people to vote. Voter fraud is occurring and it’s almost always benefiting Democrats.

That’s also why team Clinton was rather shy about Jill Stein conducting a recount.




The group “True The Vote” is analyzing the fraudulent votes.

TONS of evidence of voter fraud.

The early evidence was so damning that the Obama politicized IRS refused to allow contributions to “True the Vote” to qualify as tax deductions.

I mean a stand up comedian got voted into the U.S. Senate on the basis of illegal votes by convicts. AND his vote gave the Democrats the ONE vote they needed to get ObamaCare to be passed in the Senate.

Voter fraud in Florida and in California were enough to cost conservatives their elections. [When the number of Democrat votes EXCEEDS the population of the district, … then that is a “clue”.]

John Fund has written EXTENSIVELY about voter fraud:

***John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky: Why Trump’s probe of voter fraud is long overdue

By John Fund, Hans A. von Spakovsky

Published January 25, 2017

John Fund even wrote a book about it.


I think the purpose is to show there is voter fraud to some degree to set the stage for justification of voter ID laws. Having to show ID to vote is just common sense at this point.


It is. She didn’t.


Any evidence perhaps a link to flesh out these assertions?


Most people are able to speak with a range of expression that include more than puppet and insult dog. You pose a false binary, unless you mean that Trump specificlaly cannot do this. And that may be right.


I hope that you are not talking about Detroit. If you are, your have miscommunicated that facts big league.

As to the remark about the Clinton team. Do you have evidence for this or is this just a gratuitous swipe?


Trump or truth? That seems to apply to politicians quite broadly including Senators Clinton and Kennedy and Presidents Obama and Clinton.

That being said, will liberals like you, dvd, ever turn inward and ask if the reasons that Secretary Clinton lost are a lot more complicated than a bunch of people who voted for President Obama suddenly turning into a bunch of racist xenophobes?

I know how hard it is to compromise but perhaps liberals, like yourself, should back off of unlimited tax-payer funded abortions, speeches telling coal miners you cannot wait to put them out of work, weaponizing the courts, etc. I for one can find a lot to agree with in the democratic platform. In point of fact, were I a check the box kind of Catholic I might find the preponderance of check marks with the dems…but I have a sense of proportion. Pp

Whatever the case may be, belittling and arguing with conservative minded people clearly backfired so I might suggest a new tact.


If you would like a clue, read this:

Read the link … so much garbage, so little time :rolleyes:

John Fund even wrote a book about it.

So? When unencumbered by the need to check information for truth, it’s easy to churn out an MS.

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