Donald Trump Appears to Soften Stance on Immigration, but Not on Abortion


*President-elect Donald J. Trump appeared to soften some of his hardest-line campaign positions on immigration on Sunday, but he also restated his pledge to roll back abortion rights and used Twitter to lash out at his critics, leaving open the possibility that he would continue using social media in the Oval Office and radically change the way presidents speak to Americans.

In his first prime-time television interview since his upset victory on Tuesday, Mr. Trump repeated his promise to name a Supreme Court justice who opposed abortion rights and would help overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that recognized them, returning the issue to the states.

Asked where that would leave women seeking abortions, Mr. Trump, on the CBS program “60 Minutes,” said, “Well, they’ll perhaps have to go — they’ll have to go to another state.”

On immigration, he said the wall that he has been promising to build on the nation’s southern border might end up being a fence in places. But he said his priority was to deport two million to three million immigrants he characterized as dangerous or as having criminal records, a change from his original position that he would deport all of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. President Obama has deported more than two million undocumented immigrants during his time in office.*


I hope he defunds Planned Parenthood.


The biggest embarrassment of our government is that it is a constitutional right to murder your unborn child.

To place the issue back to the states would at the very least allow the people to decide how to punish or not punish the crime of the loss of those lives. Elective abortion is a crime. Like any crime dealing with the loss of life, there are varying degrees of culpability. We do the life of the unborn child an injustice by pretending that it’s very existence has no meaning until it leaves the womb of the mother.


Someone who says that women who seek abortions will need t go across state lines doesn’t come across to me as really pro-life. But that’s just me.


Well it’s true to be honest. Overturning Roe v. Wade will just bring it back to state level. The only way it gets fully banned is if all 50 states choose to ban it afterwards or if a Constitutional Amendment is passed.


So if abortion remains legal in some states but illegal for other states, a woman who lives in the latter will probably travel to the former to get an abortion.

If she comes back, will she be punished by imprisonment or the death penalty?

That is if it can be proven that she did procure an abortion.

If yes, be prepared for sanctuary cities.

Just musing out loud.

Oh and by the way, before I get sermons, I am pro-life.


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