Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton as wins set stage for brutal election


From today’s Guardian:

Speaking at Trump Tower in New York, [Trump] said witheringly: “I think the only card she has is the woman’s card. She’s got nothing else going. And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5% of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card, and the beautiful thing is women don’t like her, OK?”

Mary Pat Christie, the wife of former Republican candidate Chris Christie, who was standing behind Trump as he mocked Clinton, appeared to roll her eyes. Her seemingly disdainful reaction immediately went viral on social media.

Somehow I don’t think that this line of attack by Trump is going to go over all that well with most women. Even Christie’s wife seemed turned off.


That was pretty funny. I suspect she won"t be invited on stage again.


If Trump wins the nomination, and unless Cruz can stop him in Indiana, I think he will, attacking Hillary too much is just going to make her look like a martyr and gain her sympathy votes. Trump can’t bully his way into the White House.

He is totally lacking in graciousness and humility. Not only is he a sore loser, he’s a sore winner as well, and that won’t play over the long haul.


The election is not brutal. What has happened to the moral fiber of America is brutal.


It depends on the actual issues that Trump raises.

There are some very serious issues that Hillary is acutely vulnerable on.

Setting the Middle East on fire is certainly one of them, for example.


It’s entirely possible that Trump can’t get to 1237 delegates and there is a contested convention and someone other than Trump becomes the Republican nominee.


Ah, Trump. It’s rich for him to say that women don’t like Secretary Clinton…and I mean rich as in, I need some of that for my garden right now!

Every poll in the world shows that HRC does very well with woman. Mr. Trump? Not so much…:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s possible, but, imho, doubtful. Trump is the presumptive nominee at this stage in the game. If Trump were an establishment Republican, the Party would have rallied around him long ago.

This primary has been so hard on the Republican Party - a contested convention would deliver a knockout blow if the Party wants a shot at taking the Presidency. Every poll I have seen says that most Republican voters do NOT want a contested convention and that most Republican voters think that even if Trump doesn’t quite make it to 1237, if he’s close and has the popular vote, he should be the nominee.

I myself would prefer to see Cruz as the nominee because I think Cruz will be easier for Hillary to beat in the GE. But I don’t think Cruz or Kasich or anyone else can make a realistic argument that they should be the nominee when voters clearly feel otherwise.


Trump has problems with women, but have you seen the polls regarding Clinton’s favourability ratings with women? She’s got her own problems.


I agree that Clinton has some favorability problems overall, but in every primary, she has taken the women’s vote handily - just as Bernie has taken the men’s vote handily.


Could be but last night tells a slightly different story with the women’s vote…

The resistance to Mr. Trump was greatest among Mr. Kasich’s supporters, who are more moderate-leaning: Six in 10 said they would not vote for Mr. Trump in November.

The younger vote is what Hillary is having issues with in relation to Bernie and Trump may wind up with a good percentage of these voters…

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely,” Trump said in New York City after his five victories Tuesday night. “Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich should really get out of the race. They have no path to victory.”


What I find interesting is that Trump’s warts are on display for all to see. Every statement or misstatement about women is played over and over again. OK…fine. His previous actions and issues in business (like some of his bankruptcies) are talked about incessantly. OK…fine.

But why does the media act like Hillary’s actual war on women is “off limits”, or some of her past “business” actions are off limits? Why not investigate her role in the suppression of the “bimbo eruptions”? Why not ask her about what role she play in trashing the reputations of women who accused her husband of sexual abuse?

Why not ask her about this:

Why the double standard?


Kasich staying in the race is just embarrassing,
he hasn’t even caught Rubio in delegate count.


Hillary Clinton’s one appeal to (some) women is her total dedication to abortion on demand. Even in her response to Trump, she used the euphemism “womens’ health”. We all know what that really means. She knows who her most dedicated supporters are. But it’s quite possible the majority of American women are not as devoted to abortion on demand as she is.


I doubt most women would like her record of corruption if they knew about it, and they probably will by election time.

Her savagery toward other women, and her failing to pay equal pay to women in her employ will be increasingly exposed as the election progresses.

A fair number of women will not welcome the idea of changing their religion for Hillary.

What is the reason women would want to support a person who started a war and turned more than one country over to terrorists?

And there are probably quite a number of women who would prefer to have a decent job than to have free abortion coverage but no job.

This could all turn out very differently from what people expect right now. We’ll see.


Right you are, LS.

I guess he’s never taken the time to look at a clip from a Hillary rally. They are filled with women clamoring to just shake Hillary’s hand or tell her they stand with her. Every woman who wants her right to have an abortion preserved will be voting for Hillary instead of the Republican candidate. (I am not condoning abortion, but many women in the US want the right to abort.)

Trump has managed to alienate Muslims, Hispanics, African-Americans, women, people with disabilities, and others I can’t even remember now.

Personally, I want a president who doesn’t say they will “figure it out,” i.e. the job, later! :eek:


I don’t think most people know very much about bankruptcy. My understanding, (and I could be wrong about this) is that Trump’s companys’ bankruptcies were Chapter 11 reorganizations, not Chapter 7 wipeouts. In Chapter 11, creditors do get paid, just not the way they contracted for. Sometimes Chaper 11s work out and sometimes they don’t, but their continued existence is very closely monitored by the courts.

But regardless, some companies now in existence owe that existence to Chapter 11. My brother worked for a company that was saved by it.


And Rubio isn’t even running! One of the state’s still had Carson’s name on the ballot, and even he got more votes than Kasich last night!


I don’t know much about bankruptcy, either, but I do know that when companies file Chapter 11, their creditors agree to accept as payment an amount far lower than what they are actually owed. I guess something is better than nothing.


Both Hillary and Trump have a lot of ammunition to throw at the other.

Trump just doesn’t know how to do the job of the president; he’s not qualified. He brushed that aside, however, and said he’d “figure it out later.” :eek:

He also has yet to release a tax return, indicating that he’s not as wealthy as he’d like for us to believe, or he paid no or little tax, or he supports pro-abortion causes. Frankly, I think all three are true.

He can’t give real answers to questions about the economy or foreign affairs. Hillary can.


An idea for a cartoon: first panel, Trump telling someone “You’ve gotta vote for me because you’re a Republican”; second panel, Clinton telling someone “You’ve gotta vote for me because you’re a woman.”

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