Donald Trump: Birth control "should not be done by prescription"

From today’s CBS News:

Donald Trump backs access to birth control without a doctor’s prescription, the Republican nominee said in an interview that aired Thursday with television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Asked by the talk show host whether it “should be mandated in this country that we reimburse women for their birth control,” Trump answered in the negative.

“I think what we have in birth control is, you know, when you have to get a prescription, that’s a pretty tough something to climb,” he said. “And I would say it should not be a prescription, it should not be done by prescription.”

He went on to say that “you have women that just aren’t able to go get a prescription. So and more and more people are coming out and saying that, but I am not in favor of prescription for birth control.”

Trump’s support for over-the-counter contraceptive access seems to be at odds with the Republican party’s current platform, however.

The 2016 GOP platform, according to the party’s website, opposes the FDA’s “endorsement of over-the-counter sales of powerful contraceptives without a physician’s recommendations.”

Well, I strongly disagree with this. Oral contraceptives can have some severe side effects, even in younger women. At the least, I think a woman should have an all over physical before taking any chemical contraceptives. This is not getting into the spiritual or moral issue for now.
Diaphrams need to be fitted, or they won’t work right.

And yet we’re supposed to believe he’s pro-life?

While I agree with you regarding potential side effects, the reality is women typically don’t get a through physical before getting birth control. The doctor spends 5-10 minutes with the patient chatting and then writes the Rx for which ever pill the hot blonde from the pharmaceutical company dropped off the other day.

He’s a Protestant. Most non-Catholic denominations are okay with using artificial birth control.

Oh, well, then I guess he can be called pro-life by Catholics.

Since neither of the two candidates running for the WH arecCarholic,your point is baseless.Now moving into on to the VP candidates,the CINO (Kaine) is pro choice whereas the non Catholic(Pence) is ardently prolife.

The president is the one who is supposed to be making the decisions, not the vice-president.

Point being,comparing apples to apples ,the Trump ticket still comes out ahead in the pro life area.HC is unabashedly for abortion under any and all circumstances.Her running are has also said he won’t get in the way of abortion.Trump on the other hand is at least for abortion limitations and Pence is ardently prolife.Seems to me the Trump / Pence ticket is the obvious choice for life.

An interesting angle is that this would cut the legs out from PP, I bet they like the customer pipeline that writing BC scripts brings in the door.

The moral qualms I have about Trumps idea is that it would make access to birth control to anyone, even underage girls, who would then be able to just walk into a drugstore and obtain these drugs without the consent or knowledge of their parents. I consider this another massive fail for Trump.

I don’t see why her point is baseless.
Do Catholics consider people who use artificial birth control pro-life or not?


I was responding to the sarcasm of GP,'s response.she was focusing on Catholisim or the lack thereof as a criteria for other Catholics letting a candidate off the hook re birth control.
The reality is we as Catholics have to pretty much choose the lesser of two evils.No one has ever said DT is 100percent prolife.However,he is more so than Hillary.Hands down.Adding a very strong prolife VP,to his ticket helps in that regard as well.
Perfection is the enemy of the good.Not voting for Trump because he doesn’t fit perfectly into the prolife box,is folly.HC is so off the rails re sanctity of life.They are the only viable choices we have ,so the choice is clear,at least for me.:shrug:

Nope. Even PP requires regular PAPs for BC.

Which of course is not pro-life.

While I agree that contraception isn’t truly pro-life, if that is one’s working political definition of pro-life, then only a very, very tiny segment of the population is pro-life. (I’m only speaking in the abstract here, and not saying it’s your position.) One may as well say they aren’t pro-marriage either, because contraception undermines marriage as well. But yes, contraception is the Achilles Heel of the conservative, pro-life movement. I’m afraid it’s too late for this realization to have any immediate consequences though.

Well, yeah…Are you saying we should read all non-Catholics out of the “pro-life” movement?

I’m saying non-Catholics can believe what they like – that doesn’t mean Catholics believe it’s truth. People may believe Trump is the preferred candidate regarding a topic like abortion. That doesn’t mean he’s truly pro-life, particularly with a view of ABC like the one espoused here.

Its a difficult topic…Catholics (and rightfully) call for excommunication of pro-choice Catholic politicians, yet not much is said about the (probably) many Catholics receiving the Eucharist every Sunday while using oral contraceptives.

It’s not a difficult topic for most of our country’s voters - they have no problem with birth control.

Donald Trump is a Liberal - I trust that his supporters know this.

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