Donald Trump defends receiving less-frequent intelligence briefings: "I get it when I need it"


Donald Trump defends receiving less-frequent intelligence briefings: “I get it when I need it”

Daily presidential intelligence briefings started by presidential request. Then they became an institution the was done because it was always done. One of those processes that needs to be reexamined I guess. As long as the NSA is briefed he can bring it forward to the president as needed. Opens up an hour of the president’s time each day to work on other things.

Trump strikes me as someone who is pretty use to setting his own priorities.


I would hope intelligence briefings to be high on a list of priorities. :shrug:


Trump says:

“I’m like a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight years. I don’t need that."



That is pretty much what the daily security briefing is like until there is a crisis and then there is a separate meeting (briefing) on it. Weekly meetings are probably appropriate.


I believe Pence is attending the daily briefing,
I’m fine with POTUS not attending every meeting and also being informed by staff.

Obama also relies upon written updates.


Yes he is. That by the way is nothing new, the VP gets a daily briefing has been true for awhile now.

I’m fine with POTUS not attending every meeting and also being informed by staff.

Obama also relies upon written updates.

I don’t know what Obama does, but I would understand why a POTUS wouldn’t want to have these in person. FDR started them I think during WWII, and took them in bed, if I remember correctly. It made sense to have a daily briefing during WWII.


I thought we were still fight a war plus there is the whole terror issue.


Donald will have several steep learning curves in the next few months,
A professional business leader organises staff,delegates responsibility and lies the onus of fault on others, I think that will be about it ,:smiley:


I don’t have a problem with the VP attending the daily briefing as long as the president keeps up to date on any new info being made aware of.


Trump should realize that certain parts of the wheel do NOT have to be reinvented.


Like plan rallies.

He’s going to learn real quick that being President isn’t about setting his priorities. It’s about setting *our *priorities. The presidency is a job with enormous obligations. I don’t see him understanding that yet.


Does Obama ever skip these meetings while he’s out playing golf?


If the intelligence agencies could create a mock Twitter app, I bet Trump would get the daily briefs.


I doubt it. A president probably gets regular briefings everyday no matter where he is. For what it’s worth, Obama took 217 vacation days as of September. Bush took 455 during his administration. Clinton took 174.


:smiley: it’s the only way he’ll pay attention long enough.


I suspect if we found that Trump wiped from back to front, we’d suddenly find people claiming that only Presidential way to wipe is front to back, and doing it the other way is an unprecedented breach of protocol and proves Trump unfit for the office.


This :thumbsup:

It also gives the VP something to do. In years past, the VP was simply a figure head, unless the President died


What classifies as vacation? Bush had a house in Texas that he worked from a lot.

Personally, I work from home a lot, those day from how are not vacation days. I also sometimes work from my parents house while everyone else is on vacation. I’m not, but they are.

A president can take his family to Camp David and still not be on vacation. Saying that George W Bush took 455 days of vacation simply because he was working from Camp David or his ranch in TX is misleading.


Are these briefings like the one the FBI gave where they informed president Bush several Saudis planned to hijack airplanes and crash them into buildings? Oh yeah, they never gave that briefing. I’m sure all the agents of the state will say how important these are, but that is just promoting their own product. Everything they do is of vital national importance and the world is always about to fall apart. Of course in as much as it is about to fall about the very reason it is is always because of their various plots and acts of war. Devaluing the ‘intelligence’ aspect of our government is good for us and the world.


If he misses anything important, he’ll be sure to see it the next SNL.

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