Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a 'key player' in presidential hopeful's business ventures

Another Telegraph, British press exclusive out today:

**Donald Trump exclusive: Russian mob-linked fraudster a ‘key player’ in presidential hopeful’s business ventures

A Russian-born fraudster who Donald Trump has claimed he would not recognise was a key player in several of the billionaire’s business ventures, the Telegraph can disclose.

Mr Trump signed off on paperwork which made clear that Felix Sater was one of the figures in “control” of Bayrock Group, the property firm building three developments using his name, an investigation has found.

The findings appear to contradict statements by the would-be president and his lawyer, distancing him from Sater, who was convicted for helping to lead a $40 million mafia-linked stock fraud scheme.

Mr Sater also spent time in jail for stabbing someone in the face with the stem of a margarita glass.**

The disclosures come as Mr Trump faced criticism after the Telegraph revealed that he signed off on a $50 million business deal involving Bayrock that was designed to deprive the US government of tens of millions of dollars in tax.

In response, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said Mr Trump’s aim was “to enrich himself at the expense of the American people”.

Worthy of the National Enquirer. Flashy premise, but no content.

One would think supporting Hillary Clinton with tabloid innuendo would be of little interest to people across the pond, but perhaps not.

I’m not a great fan of the Telegraph (it is a Eurosceptic newspaper) but it is recognised as a reputable publication (a broadsheet, after all, not a middle-market rag like the Daily Mail), my own personal distaste for the journalism inhering within aside.

Maybe in Britain, but to me, it’s right up there with National Enquirer.

If one looks at the letter, one reads that a lender Trump did not own, wanted Trump to sign off on a deal with another company Trump didn’t own, continuing the name franchise which apparently Trump did own.

Not too surprising in a commercial financing. If the use of the Trump name was important to the borrower, it sure would be to the lender.

National Enquirer all the way. Flashy headline, no content.

But one expects these kinds of things in this election. What I can’t understand is why Brits would want to support Hillary Clinton.

No found scraps are too small to be wasted. Doesn’t the WaPo have 20 reporters dredging up dirt?

One is not a real estate mogul in New York and not have dealings with several “mafias”.

But then there are the clintons…

Then there’s Obama’s ties with the likes of terrorist Bill Ayers.


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