Donald Trump Featured in New Batch of Bill Clinton Documents


Clinton Presidential Library will soon release nearly 500 pages of material related to Donald Trump:


Yes, I heard about this. I don’t think anything damaging will be found.


What other Presidential candidate has the ability to “release materials” from a Presidential Library against a Presidential candidate?

Whether you like Trump or not, this is an “unfair tactic” and honestly a disturbing trendsetter.

Personally, I liked it better when former Presidents would lay low and stay public neutral on politics.


Personally, I liked it better when former Presidents would lay low and stay public neutral on politics.

The ones with class still do.


The ones with class still do.

I would bet that Obama won’t lay low. He will continue to consider himself “America’s savior”


No former president up to now has aspired to be First Lady.


I’d love to take a look at Bill’s private documents. I bet they’d be interesting.


You’ll be in Purgatory long before they are available.



He’s a progressive, and you expect him to be fair? Really?



Hopefully, I won’t be in Purgatory THAT long!!!


Uhm, Donald Trump has said in the begining, he has met with various politicians, Democrat and Republican and has donated money to their campaigns, including Hillary Clinton. Why ? Because that’s what big business people do, and as he said himself, its how you get things you want, because when you donate, they owe you.

He also said, its legal, but its also why the system is corrupt as it is, but he had to play the game as a businessman.

Any surprise with this ?

Any surprise that the Clinton’s will begin mudslinging at Donald Trump ?

The Clinton’s are the epitome of dirty politicians.

Not saying Trump is better, but watch how he defends himself when he goes after them



this should prove to be interesting. there must be some dirt in there somewhere or they wouldn’t be releasing them. as another poster said - the Clintons have no class.


It says right in the article that the information is being released in response to a Freedom Of Information Act request. Did anyone blaming the Clintons for this think to check and see who filed the FOIA request? Did anyone stop to think that if the Clintons had wanted this info released, they wouldn’t have needed a FOIA request to do so?

The FOIA request was filed by Buzzfeed, by the way. It took me about two minutes on Google to discover that but the article posted had enough info to know it wasn’t the Clintons. I guess bearing false witness is ok if it’s against a Democrat though. Carry on.


Buzzfeed is very liberal. I expect they were tipped off to make the FOIA request and timing of the release is under control of the Clintons. When desired, people can take ages to respond to FOIA requests or not. It’s an excellent cover to release the material.


Ignoring that quid pro quo, donations for political favors is corruption plain and simple.


Not illegal and is done all the time which is why even Trump says the system is corrupt and broken.



Kind of hard for trumpy to claim any moral high ground on the issue, since he’s guilty of it.


But its how the system works, which was his point.

Anyone who thinks that business people at his level aren’t making donations to candidates from both parties in order to get things done, is naive.

Do you think Ted Cruz’s wife got a sweetheart loan from Goldman Sachs without them expecting a benefit from it ?



I hold my candidates to a higher standard than most people then :shrug:. I wouldn’t vote for Cruz either to be honest.


Well currently, only Bernie Sanders and Trump aren’t getting money from PACS.

Sanders gets his money from regular people who make donations.

Trump is using his own money.


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