Donald Trump flipped Rust Belt states by boosting rural vote; Hillary Clinton couldn't make up the difference



People were fed up and desperate and wanted to send a loud message!

Donald spoke to people Obama neglected!


I think it was a huge mistake for Obama to tie a Hillary win to protecting his legacy… That legacy is exactly what the voters were against, IMO.


Yes! Every time I heard him say that I got so angry! I was voting for Trump anyway,
but to hear Obama trying to push voters to vote for Hillary and keep his legacy alive was too much for me. What arrogance!


Poor Romney! He was sure Trump couldn’t win! :slight_smile:


I thought I had heard Trump called Romney the other day. I wonder what was said. I hope Trump gave him a good scolding!


A couple thousand people deciding to go out and vote for Mrs. Clinton would have completely changed this election’s outcome.

Christi pax.


Probably not. Romney should be scolding himself now if he has any sense left.




you are right. he should be ashamed of himself.


Because contray to his belief that trump is the scum of the earth, trump is vindicated by the election and won victory that he couldn’t dream of. Plus trump is the one that called him. Talk about being embarrassed.


not only that, Trump supported Romney in his campaign and Romney turned around and backstabbed him in this campaign.
Historians will be writing about this election for years.


Yes, but they won’t have the historical perspective until this campaign truly is “history” and not just “what happened last week”. For only when much more time passes can anyone truly know what are the consequences of this campaign.


Trump received fewer votes then either Romney or McCain.

I actually think Romney is a decent person. No scandals.

Back then, a long time ago "binders of women " was considered sexist. Glad to see how the Republican Party has evolved.


Exactly~ Four more years of this same ole same ole and worse was obviously not too appealing for many.



I agree. I mean as of now all the votes haven’t been tallied yet.


He’s also part of the reason why Pence had to go to Utah and Trump to Arizona, as opposed to say Nevada and Colorado.


The consequence of the campaigns is that Donald Trump and the republicans won pretty big in a presidential year considering the dire predictions of Clinton being unstoppable months ago and this idea of demographic doom for the GOP.


Those are the short-term consequences. Since we were talking about what historians will write, what the long-term consequences are only time will tell.


Rust Belt, Dust Belt, Bible Belt and Rush Belt

Hillary got belted and trumped.

I look high, i look low,
I’m lookin’ ev’rywhere i go,
Lookin’ for a home in the heart of the country.

I’m gonna move, i’m gonna go,
I’m gonna tell ev’ryone i know,
Lookin’ for a home in the heart of the country.

Heart of the country where the holy people grow,
Heart of the country, smell the grass in the meadow,
Wo, wo, wo.

Thanks for the rural mural. A map of “flyover country” might look the same.
Besides other comparisons, it seems Smallville beat Metropolis this time.

[size=]CLAIM: 3 Million Votes in Presidential Election Cast by Illegals… that’s without even this headline from the Drudge Report being true.


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