Donald Trump Has Lowest Approval Rating Ever for an Incoming President


Donald J Trump delivers his inauguration address today with historically low popularity. Less than 1/3 of Americans approve of him, the lowest approval rating for an incoming president in the polling history, with a majority disapproving of the way he has handled the transition.

Trump tweeted about rigged election polling, apparently unaware that national polling was not skewed.

But another poll showed more than two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Trump’s use of twitter.




I’m going to take this poll and political polling for the foreeable future with a pinch of salt until I start seeing polling matching up to the reality of the results. Not all pollsters got the US election wrong, but many did, and the the polling industry has a lot to do in the political arena, quite frankly, before they start getting their credibility back, after many got the election and the electoral votes that Trump would win, so wrong. It was their polling that actually may have contributed to Clinton losing because the Clinton camp probably felt that they were doings lot better looking at some of those polls than they actually ended up doing, and didn’t put the time and/or resources in to certain states.

As I said before on a thread I think you made about Trump and his approval ratings earlier this week, Trump is controversial and many people may not want to tell a pollster that they approve.

Similar to how some people may not have told pollsters prior to the US election that they were supporting Trump and then you had a massive turnout of support for him in some unexpected places.


In other news, I got up this morning.


You’re confusing polling in a relatively few states with national polling. Also election polling is not the same. For elections, the pollsters attempt to predict turnout.


I’m not disputing the figures but,

My question is, why should I care what his approval rating is when such things prove to be inconsequential at best, and outright deceptions at worst? I really don’t give a flying dutchman how popular the president is.
Popular opinion is nothing but straw.

If nothing else, I hope his presidency breaks the perverse power of the mainstream elite media.
The election has shown them to be almost irrelevant, thanks be to God.


Ah yes, the polls that no one can rely on except sore loser dems. We have already been shown that polls are nothing but propaganda. Nothing more!


That’s correct.

Another way to look at it is that the sample size in a national poll tends to be much larger, not to mention more random.


Not sure why dems are still using polls after they were lied to by them! Amazing




You mean the same news media that has given him billions of dollars of free air time over the past 30 years, covering all his bankruptcies and marriage failures, while paying him for using his brand name? Gee, what injustice.


You fail to mention, as usual, what type of coverage that was during the campaign. It was the most vile, orchestrated effort to bring down a man at all cost!!!


On the assumption these polls are not skewed, I will say that I would rather have a president come in with a low score and improve the nation’s fortunes than to have one come in with a high score and damage them.


Yet it had the exact opposite effect.





Congratulations to President Donald J Trump on this his Inaguration Day!




God bless our new president and may God bless America.


Don’t need a poll to know Abraham Lincoln was a whole lot more despised than Trump.
Just sayin’.


2 things they are not saying:

1.) Obama has the lowest overall approval rating since Jimmy Carter according to Gallup. In fact, since Truman, only Truman, Ford, and Carter have had lower approval ratings than Obama. See here and here

2.) Trump has the lowest incoming approval rating in their poll’s history. They don’t say when they started polling incoming approval ratings, but the company was founded in 1927, so the majority of US history is left out. And Gallup polling for approval rating–by far the most widely cited–only goes back to 1937, so I have a hard time believing they were doing it before Gallup. In general, any “lowest approval rating ever” claim really just means the lowest since the late 30’s.

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