Donald Trump has unleashed a white crime wave

  • Last week, in Portland, Oregon, a man with a history of white supremacist rhetoric allegedly killed two men and injured one other who had tried to stop his harassment of two young women—one black, the other wearing a hijab.

A week earlier, in College Park, Maryland, another young man—active in white supremacist Facebook groups— killed a black college student after confronting him on the street, according to police. In March, a white supremacist reportedly traveled from Baltimore to New York City with the express purpose of killing a black man, which he did, before turning himself into police. Earlier that month , a Sikh man was shot and injured in front of his house in a Seattle suburb.

His alleged attacker reportedly shouted “go back to your country.” Days earlier, in Kansas, authorities described how a man walked into a bar and shot three men , including two immigrants from India, after shouting “get out of my country” and yelling racial slurs. One of the Indian men, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, died of his wounds. More recently, a California man was alleged to have stabbed a black man with a machete after yelling racial slurs—he’s facing charges—and a Native American man was run down and killed by an assailant who allegedly shouted racial slurs.

These events are not isolated. They represent a growing tide of intolerance in the United States, fanned by the presidential election and embodied by the sitting president. At the same time, they—and the larger forces they represent—aren’t novel. The rise of racist reaction in politics almost always brings a similar rise of racist violence in civil society. For as much as the current period feels new, we are living through an old, and very American, cycle of behavior.

Nationally, white supremacist and white nationalist activity is on the rise, from more aggressive recruiting online, to active organizing and intimidation on college campuses. Law enforcement officials in cities such as New York have seen a surge in reported hate crimes, and the Southern Poverty Law Center reports an increase in the number of hate groups.

All of this takes place against a backdrop of political intolerance. Donald Trump ran for president on a platform of ethno-nationalism, offering interested white voters a chance to express and vote their resentments against Hispanic immigrants, Muslim Americans, and groups like Black Lives Matter. His campaign brought explicitly racist groups, individuals, and institutions into the mainstream, from Steve Bannon—who rode the success of his hate-fueled site Breitbart to a position as a top adviser in the Trump White House—to formerly fringe figures like Iowa Rep. Steve King, who routinely traffics in white nationalist rhetoric.

Millions of white Americans stomped the floor for Trump’s promise to end “political correctness” and restore prosperity through tough action against foreign others, turning out at higher numbers than either 2008 or 2012. This rhetoric has a real impact. A recent working paper suggests that when people view Trump’s popularity as going up, it “increases their willingness to publicly express xenophobic views.” *

Can we blame Obama for all the black criminals? You want lay this at Trumps feet. It would only be fair to lay all black crime at Obama’s feet. RIDICULOUS !
Once again we have another hate thread from a hater

Thats one stupid person if they are white and yelling ‘Go back home’ to a native american!

So Trump is to blame for the divisiveness and violence in America, and not the “identity politics” so near and dear to the democrats that creates an us vs. them mentality?

p.s. I imagine Obama gets a clear pass for all the divisiveness witnessed under his passive and warped presidency, and the media whose misinformed/slanted reporting only fanned the flames of racial tensions and violence?

No, because Obama did not do for black crime what Trump has done for white crime. In particular, there was no surge of black crime.


Perhaps you don’t live in a major city. Where I live (which is in a major city) black crime skyrocketed during the Obama years.

Nice editing of my quote. If you cared to look further I called it RIDICULOUS. Of course anything to make the Trump supporter look bad too!

Even if Trump did somehow unleash a White crime wave non-Whites still commit a disproportionate amount of crime. And if the issue is interracial crime then it is even worse. That is non-Whites are far more likely to commit a crime against Whites than Whites are against non-Whites. If non-Whites have more to fear it still doesn’t approach the level of fear Whites would be justified in feeling from non-Whites. At least that is true if the rules were the same.

“Donald Trump”? You mean the man that people simultaneously are saying can do nothing and yet do everything? You mean that he personally did this?

Or are you attempting to say that the election of Donald Trump has somehow unleashed this? Are you saying it is the only cause of this ‘wave’? What does this wave consist of? How has it been measured? And since he has only been in office for a certain period, how are you comparing this period to other periods?

I personally have plenty of reservations about Mr. Trump, Ms. Clinton, politicians as a whole, big business, extremist groups, you name it. But this kind of statement is, IMO, a knee-jerk reaction to a high profile case which is attempting to as it were ‘whitewash’ one group of people (non-Trump partisans) from any kind of responsibility in ‘white crime’, particularly in ‘white crime waves’/hate crimes, while attempting to put the blame on one man and by extension one ‘group’ of people, as if all is ‘their fault.’

So hey, the people who looted and rioted and assaulted people because they protested Mr. Trump would not have done this if he hadn’t been elected, ergo "It’s his fault’.

And the people who come out and yell ‘white power’ and act in a racist way (white of course since we know blacks cannot be racist) are doing so because they feel ‘free’ under his aegis and would not have committed these crimes if he hadn’t been elected.

No idea that the individuals might be responsible here?

No idea that if, say, Ms. Clinton had been elected, and people had gone out to protest HER, that it would have been her fault for being elected?

Or that any people who say came out and committed racist crimes against whites because they felt ‘safe’ under that regime and would not have committed those crimes if **she ** had not been elected?

No idea that the individuals might not have been responsible there as well?

I am getting more and more disgusted with the attitudes I see not just here but pretty much everywhere, whether in media or in person. People just demonizing another person and by extension demonizing ‘supporters’ (and it comes from both sides) as well as exonerating ‘their person’ and ‘their group’ from any responsibilities whatsoever. People not talking with, but screaming at, each other. People taking words and using them in polar opposite ways. People with such a lack of respect for anything but their sovereign self that let’s not just look at the ‘white crime wave’ but the black crime waves, the sexual perversions, the rampant greed, the scourge of abortion, terrorism, angst, despair, and above all, hatred, hatred so virulent that it slops onto everything, spoiling the good, enhancing the bad.

May God help us.

Best post I’ve read in awhile!!! God help us, indeed!

For real. Funny how the left never forgets their hatred.

The Portland stabber was an atheist who hated all religions so this article contains at least one piece of false information.

This disunity is the result of consistently telling certain groups that they are eternal victims and telling other groups how awful they are and preventing them from expressing pride in any healthy way because it might make the other groups feel bad.

Let’s not forget the police officers and victims of BLM riots, I doubt they much appreciate Obama’s repeated provocations.

Amen! :clapping:

you do know he was a bernie supporter and didn’t vote for anyone since bernie was cheated. he was also anti-hillary for what she did to bernie. my money is he would have done the same thing if hillary won. read some of his facebook rants.

i put a lot of blame on the fake news. they have been changing the narrative to push racism since before they claimed zimmerman was white. both far left and right groups took the bait and used it for their own ends

The Alt-Right has disavowed Trump in many ways. For example, the /pol/ (short for “Politically incorrect”) board on 4chan blew a gasket when Trump visited Israel and was wearing a yarmulke at the Wailing Wall.

And let’s not ignore the Antifa protesters attacking Trump fans from Berkeley to Boston. One got arrested for hitting someone upside the head with a bike lock.

I think both the left and right have something in common, hatred of Israel.

Remind me again what Israel does for us besides provoke all the Arabs in the region?

Israel is the homeland of the Jews, a people escaping hatred and genocide in Europe.

Arabs will always be provoked even without Israel. There is the world of Islam, Dar al Islam and the world of war, Dal al haarb. As long there are non-Muslims in this world, it is the duty of every Muslim to engage in jihad against the infidels.

Are you in favor of the dissolution of Israel? Do you really think the Middle East would be a haven of peace once Israel is gone?

Ah, so there are Roger Waters fans on CAF. Good to know. Not.

Who is Roger Waters?

Pink Floyd guy calling for Radiohead to cancel their concert in Israel.

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