Donald Trump in Triage Mode After Shocking Conservatives With Health Care Comments


He has broken with many Republicans on taxing the rich, threatening trade wars and keeping Planned Parenthood alive. On Friday, Donald J. Trump faced criticism for an even bolder act of conservative heresy: embracing the core tenet of the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. Trump has to date offered only bits and pieces of his health agenda, generally presenting a vow to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with “something great.”

In a town-hall meeting hosted by CNN on Thursday night, he shared some more expansive views on the subject, and unlike most Republicans he did not call for removing the individual mandate that requires Americans to have health insurance.

Asked how people with pre-existing medical conditions would purchase insurance if the health law and the mandate were eliminated, Mr. Trump said, “I like the mandate.”

“So here’s where I’m a little bit different,” he continued. “I don’t want people dying on the streets.”

Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Trump backed away from his remarks, proclaiming himself to be the fiercest opponent of the health law. It was the latest example of a candidate who has been impervious to inconsistencies again emerging unscathed from a misstep that would probably be damaging to anyone else.



We’re going to achieve universal health coverage by forcing people to have health insurance because this plan worked so great the first time! Welp we’re done here boys let’s go pat ourselves on the backs and have a $500 bottle of scotch.


I don’t see anything inconsistent in what he has said. He’s always said the same thing about health care.


Its a sad day when saying “I don’t want people dying in the streets” goes against core GOP principles.


…according to Trump.

It seems to me that Trump’s goal is to make Republicanism look bad. Maybe Trump’s goal is to make everyone look bad except Trump. :shrug:


The mandate was a Republican idea, back in the days of the Hillarycare debates.


So one second he says he likes the mandate and then the next second he says he’ll repeal obamacare including the mandate. Which is it?


“So here’s where I’m a little bit different,” he continued. “I don’t want people dying on the streets.”

Really? Remind me which candidate (Republican or Democrat) that wants people to die on the streets? And people say they still want this guy as their candidate? :shrug:


Trump’s position is the one that his supporters like. :shrug:


We already have laws to keep people “from dying on the streets”: Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) and Medicaid safety nets in every state.

Does this make it perfect? No. But the mandate doesn’t either, because there are A. People who still can’t buy the insurance but are now taxed (read: fined) for not having it, as well…and B. There are people who are insured but still can’t pay the copays and deductibles required to actually use the insurance.

Neither of these groups of people is better off, or less likely to “die on the street”. Either he (and others) are hopelessly out of touch with the reality of healthcare in America, or they just pray we all are.


Ah, yes, but until we identify which of his supporters he is speaking to we will never know what his position is, will we?

Come on support me on this! :smiley:

I suspect Trump is caricaturing the stereotype of “politician” because he has realized that overtly pandering to the electorate will likely get him voted in. Same with Sanders.

Bread and circuses here we come.

Now, Trump, I suppose, has his fingers on the pulse of the majority of disgruntled voters who have been missed or ignored as a matter of miscalculation by most of the political elite until he came along. Sanders, on the other hand, is simply gambling that throwing more “rights and privileges and assorted other stuff” at the middle and lower classes will get him in simply by virtue of making promises. His fingers aren’t anywhere near where a pulse could reasonably be determined.

Hillary, on the other hand, definitely has something treed. You can tell by her bark.


I think he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and would be willing to destroy the Republican Party if it doesn’t go his way!. He is a shame! And I don’t understand the people that blindly follow him! God Bless, Memaw


And Bush did the Medicare expansion.

In the US, we do not have a party of small government.


If Trump supports the individual mandate then he is just ahead of the rest of the Republican Party. Republicans grumble about the latest welfare state initiative, unless it is the Medicare Prescription Drug Act which they passed. But they eventually support these measures. Reagan talked of getting rid of the Department of Education, but by Bush II’s reign the Republicans were passing the No Child Left Behind Act.

Trump destroying the GOP would be great. It is a big government welfare party. It has been useless at conserving anything except the latest expansion of government power.


This is OT but I wasn’t sure where to put it.

Does anyone wonder if Trump chose to run Republican because he knew he couldn’t win the Democrat nomination due to Clinton having locked up all the superdelegates?


Trump isn’t interested in destroying the GOP – only promoting Donald Trump. That is the only reason he’s running for President.

Not to worry though – Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and now Paul Ryan are carrying out the destruction of the GOP


It doesn’t matter what he says. His supporters remind me on Ron Paul supporters. No matter how bizarre they get they never waver in their support


It’s an individuals mindset at play with that. It happens for all candidates, for some people once they make a decision they can’t change their mind. I personally don’t understand it at all. But I was just discussing the exact same thing this morning with my husband.


If he is only concerned with promoting himself then he is just a politician. The only conservative politicians of recent memory running for president that in my opinion were principled were Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul.

How was Ron Paul bizarre? He was a consistent libertarian, which is pretty close to the supposed principles of the GOP, minus the warmongering.


Sometimes I still wonder if Trump really wants to be the nominee and merely began his candidacy as a stunt and is now trying more and more ways to get out of it. More voters firing him would be a way for him to bow out instead of just quitting on his own. He says all these things he has and he has been like teflon. But then he skips the debate in Iowa and in the end it may have cost him there. He left NH one day when it was snowing while others remained. If I remember correctly, Jeb’s 90 yr old mom even came out in the weather. He won there though. So now in SC, he attacks President George W Bush in a state where the former President is still reasonably popular. Now he says he likes the healthcare mandate. It’s almost as if he does these things hoping something will finally stick so 1/3 of Republicans supporting him in this multiple candidate field will begin to jump ship.

Last night the gentleman who at the debate asked Trump about calling President Bush a liar with regard to Iraq, was on CNN. He said Trump calling the former President a liar, deeply hurt him. And he had dropped Trump to 3rd on his list and today would be choosing between 2 others.

It will be interesting to see if SC today begins his descent or not, whether his earlier polling numbers hold, or if more recent polling showing a tighter race in fact actually occurs, and if it is the beginning of the end for Teflon Donald or if the frying pan’s coating remains stick-free.

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