Donald Trump is a Presbyterian? Who knew?

By W. Scott Lamb - - Sunday, July 19, 2015
Donald Trump’s remarks about his piety and Presbyterianism, given at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa yesterday, amazed many people, but for all the wrong reasons.

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I did read his “cracker” comment. I’m surprised there wasn’t more discussion about this. It comes across very irreverent.

I thought his god was his enormous ego :D.

Or his hair!! He seems to be very attached to it. :smiley:

Whatever his other qualifications might be, his penchant for making flippant remarks like that raise the concern that he would be plagued by unnecessary and distracting embarrassments if he were ever elected President. He puts very little stock in diplomacy, even in his most public remarks.

You’re seeing just one side of him. No one becomes a business mogul like Trump without knowing how to work with people. I have no doubt that when a situation calls for diplomacy, he is capable of employing it. But if you look at the last two Presidential elections, the unwillingness of the GOP frontrunner to get serious about fighting for the Presidency resulted in the election going to the democrats. McCain refused to really engage Obama and he lost. Mitt Romney did the same. They were both too nice, and they both lost.

I thought he was a baptized Catholic now Presbyterian and so ‘cracker’ to them doesn’t have the same context as ours…so it shows to me he has converted.

Another clown in the three ring circus we have the audacity to call our political system.

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