Donald Trump is a problem for the whole world, EU's Schulz says

**Donald Trump is a problem for the whole world, EU’s Schulz says

If US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the election in November, it would be problematic for the entire world and encourage copycats in Europe, European Parliament President Martin Schulz told a German magazine.

“Trump is not only a problem for the EU but also for the whole world,” Schulz said in an interview with Der Spiegel published online on Thursday.

“If a man who shows off by not having a clue and by saying that specialist knowledge is elitist rubbish ends up in the White House, a critical point will have been reached,” said Schulz, a German center-left Social Democrat.

Such a scenario would mean that there is an “obviously irresponsible man” sitting in a position that demands the utmost sense of responsibility, Schulz said.

He added that he was concerned that Trump getting into power would spur on copycats in Europe. “That’s why I want Hillary Clinton to win.” **

I do think it would be much, much better if both sides of the Atlantic said far less about each other.

If Americans elect Trump, it’s their business and the rest of us will have to deal with it as best we can.

Sometimes I wonder what would be the bigger problem, that Schulz and his cronies really believe what they say, or that they don’t and are just lying to protect their own powers and privileges.

Just about sums up politicians as a species through the Ages.

From the original post:

“He added that he was concerned that Trump getting into power would spur on copycats in Europe.”

What would they copy besides, perhaps, a Trumanesque bluntness? (Wasn’t Thatcher rather blunt as well?)

A concern for one’s own citizens above others, perhaps? Maybe that wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, since presumably leaders are elected to do just that. The Brits are leaving the EU for a reason, and maybe it’s a good reason. But for sure, they’re not doing it because of Trump.

People like Schulz might do well to rethink their own concept of governance.

[quote=Vouthon;14170503"]If a man who shows off by not having a clue and by saying that specialist knowledge is elitist rubbish ends up in the White House, a critical point will have been reached," said Schulz, a German center-left Social Democrat.


Is any of the following an example of specialist knowledge?

#1. Real estate development (see #3 below for more details)
#2. Branding, and intellectual property law in the USA that is relevant to branding. (For example, trademark law, such as what laws apply to contractual agreements with organizations that are ready, willing, and able to pay to use the name “Trump” for their real estate properties that are under construction or already constructed.)
#3. Management of real estate development for resorts, hotels, office buildings, or residential condominiums
#4. The law in the USA (statutes, regulations, and the so-called case law or common law or law of precedents, courts, judges, and juries) relating to creditors and debtors, including laws in the USA with respect to the reorganization of a functioning business that is worth more as a going concern than the assets would be worth if the business were liquidated.
#5. Appearing in television programs, specifically so-called “reality TV” programs that are transmitted on cable TV or broadcast on the so-called “airwaves.”

If you ask me, the “specialists” we have had for the last eight years (and to a degree before that) don’t have all that much to brag about. I’m no “specialist”, but I could have told Hillary that turning Libya over to terrorists was a bad idea, and nobody would have had to bribe me to say it, either. :rolleyes:

What do think of Senator Clinton’s vote (or alleged vote) in favor of the war in Iraq that began in 2003?

I don’t know what Senator Clinton’s official position is now regarding Senator Clinton’s voting record.

However, unless I am mistaken, I watched video of candidate Barack Obama (filmed prior to Barack Obama becoming Democratic nominee in an election that had Senator McCain and running mate Sarah Palin as the Republican alternative) telling an audience that Senator Clinton did in fact vote for the war in Iraq, and that people are entitled to their own opinions, but are not entitled to their own convenient alternative version of reality.

You can bet that Mr. Trump can be a problem for the world, especially if he really does put America first and stop kowtowing to other countries and their leaders. Maybe some trade deals that favor us for a change or perhaps making all those European nations start paying their fair share as regards NATO and the UN for a start.

As to the European nations paying their fair share, I doubt that will happen. They seem to want their own erstwhile military alliance not to support. But since they will claim they’re supporting it, they’ll feel better about not contributing to NATO.

Half my ancestry is Irish, therefore heavily influenced by English traditions, laws and culture. The other half “Continental”, therefore heavily influenced by the French Revolution, Napoleon and other things I find alien.

I do love Europe, though, and the culture it is rapidly trying to shed. All the same, though, I do not blame the Brits for wanting to remain Brits, not “Continentals” separated by a bit of water from the others. Maybe when all the dust settles, the “Anglosphere” and perhaps Poland, maybe even Norway, will be the only barriers to Asia.

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