Donald Trump likely to appear with vice presidential pick on Friday, sources say


Donald Trump likely to appear with vice presidential pick on Friday, sources tell ABC


I hope that it’s Gingrich.:slight_smile:


The odds are on Mike Pence, who appears rather boring and traditional, rather than on Newt Gingrich, who is more interesting but perhaps a little too interesting, with a less controlled mouth and more baggage.


I can’t even imagine a Trump/Gingrich ticket! Seriously, what could possibly be more heinous than that? My skin is crawling just thinking about it. On the other side, just think what would happen if Hillary chose Bernie Sanders as her running mate. I’m envisioning the election day results as Hillary with 92% of the popular vote, Trump with 4% of the popular vote, and a margin of error of 3%.


Insiders say that there are 5 people on his short list: Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Mike Pence, Mike Flynn and one mystery person.

My money’s on Pence or the mystery person. Pence, if he’s going to try to appease the G.O.P. insiders (safe choice) or the mystery person if he wants to go for the buzz factor by nominating someone controversial and Trump-like. He’s a showman so he probably wants to do the latter but his bad poll numbers and the continued risk of not even getting the nomination will probably make him play it safe.


Me too! :thumbsup:

What bad poll numbers? Trump and Clinton are neck and neck in the swing state of Ohio and not too far off in overall polls.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


I’m curious to hear who the fifth candidate is.


Doesn’t matter, you can stick a fork in Trump, because he’s done…the bigger worry for the GOP, is whether The Donald will end up taking down too many Republican house and Senate members.


Reuters 7/2-7/6 Clinton +11
Economist 7/2-7/4 Clinton +5
USA Today 6/26-6/29 Clinton +6
Rasmussen 6/28-6/29 Trump +4
PPP 6/27-6/28 Clinton +4
Gravis 6/27-6/28 Clinton +2
Fox News 6/26-6/28 Clinton +6
IBD 6/24-6/29 Clinton +4


I hope the running made is not a social liberal. I would like for the running mate to be Ted Cruz.


Anything is possible in politics but there is a lot of bad blood between Trump and Cruz.


I doubt that. There was (is?) a lot of friction between the two.


I’m putting my money on Newt. Yesterday Trump complained that he needed an attack dog. Pence doesn’t seem to fill that bill. Also, Newt quit/ laid off from Fox. That usually means one is running for something if past is prologue. But what do I know?


Me too…it will only make his defeat more certain. Come on in, Ted, the water’s fine!


Do you day-dream often?:slight_smile:


Your polls are before the FBI director proved she was a congenital liar
Let’s look at something a little more current

"FLORIDA: Trump 42 - Clinton 39
OHIO: Clinton 41 - Trump 41
PENNSYLVANIA: Trump 43 - Clinton 41
With a drop in grades on honesty and moral standards, Democrat Hillary Clinton loses an 8-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in Florida, and finds herself in too-close-to-call races in the three critical swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to a Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released today. "…ReleaseID=2365


If trump picks pence he’ll lose by double digits. Everyone I know in Indiana thinks he’s a congenital demagogue, shamelessly pandering to the extreme fundamental right. Kind of like trump. :wink:


:slight_smile: Actually, that’s one of my favorite religious and philosophical subjects. Meditation is my favorite form of daily prayer, a’la John Cassian, the modern Trappists, the author of the Cloud of Unknowing, etcetera, and from that perspective I see daydreaming as our great enemy. Recognizing the daydream-state is a large part of what used to be called “spiritual warfare,” and that’s because it’s the root of so many other sins. Addictions of all kinds, appetites and urges of all kinds, etcetera, all have to do with us losing ourselves in the moment and in the midst of life, daydreaming in other words, and so as Christians we need to learn to be present to ourselves. That being said, I do love stories and literature and science fiction and whatnot, and so in that sense daydreaming can be one of the great pleasures of life. And of course I do deeply love memories of loved ones, as well. I could go on and on about this subject, believe me, but I suspect you’re asking more in a rhetorical sense. :smiley: Yeah, I guess I was semi-joking when I wrote that about Hillary getting ninety percent of the vote if she had Sanders as her running mate. I don’t know. :shrug: I think that Trump’s as low-information as his supporters are, but I also think that a certain percentage of them are just supporting him because the alternative is so horrible. Which I can understand and sympathize with. But sadly, Hillary’s going to mop up the sidewalk with him once the candidates are chosen and this election really gets going. Just my two cents. :twocents:


Why would Trump pick Gingrich? He has quite a bit of political baggage. And how would Gingrich, who like Trump has been married three times, help appeal to ‘family’ voters?


I am not sure if there is still friction between them.

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