Donald Trump likes Obamacare clauses 'very much'

**Donald Trump likes Obamacare clauses ‘very much’

US President-elect Donald Trump has said in an interview he is open to leaving intact parts of President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill.

Mr Trump, who has pledged repeatedly to repeal the 2010 law, signalled he was receptive to a compromise after visiting the White House on Thursday.

He told the Wall Street Journal he favours keeping two main parts of the bill because “I like those very much”.

One is a ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The other provision that the president-elect told the newspaper he favours allows children to be insured on their parents’ policies.

Mr Trump told the Journal it was his hour-and-a-half meeting with Mr Obama that had made him reconsider his calls for an all-out repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that,” the president-elect said at Trump Tower.

“Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced.”**


This sudden burst of pragmatism, compromise and moderation has took me quite aback.

It seems his conversation with Obama really must have gone rather cordially after all.

I really hope he sticks with this seemingly newfound attitude.

In light of his disreputable actions to citizens of my own country, I am - as everyone knows - heavily biased against Trump as a person but I must admit that this encourages me a little as to his domestic policy and the dangerous polarisation of the US that is taking place as we speak. He needs to tread carefully and moderate his tone as president - considerably.

Will it last? Or will his infamously erratic mind jump from left-to-right and considering one policy to its polar opposite like a yo-yo?

Now that he has secured his position, maybe he’s cooling down and being sensible.

If only he showed this side prior to the election…

He’d never have got elected though. Trump is not a thicko, no matter what image he might adopt to appeal to the beleaguered masses and convince them that he’s “one of the lads”. He’s a Machiavellian if there ever was one.

He’s riding a wave of anti-establishment, anti-political correctness “fury” from segments of the population that feel they have lost out from globalisation - a movement that has already swept Britain and other parts of Europe, albeit nowhere near as extreme and crass as the Donald over here in Britain. Brexit looks truly tame compared with his appalling campaign.

Dare I hope, as much as I dislike Trump personally, that President Trump will adopt a different mask from Campaign Trump who played upon people’s worst fears and hidden demons like an authoritarian demagogue?

Is statesman Trump really possible, without compromising to an extent that his followers feel betrayed?

Or is this a blip and he will just return to all the abject craziness again with gusto?

Or is it, for some, one of many otherwise irrelevant occasions to vent?

“Trump said 285 widgets, but NOW says 287! Aha! A flip-flopper!”

“Trump said 285 widgets, and shows his stony resistance to compromise by stubbornly insisting on the very same 285!”

Well you can hardly blame us - and indeed the media - for anxiously scrutinizing his words to see which way he is turning.

He will either prove to be an inflexible ideologue - not of conviction, obviously, but from political expediency with regards to his faithful - or a statesman capable of compromising to achieve less-than-ideal goals that are workable and won’t lead to unnecessary polarisation but may seriously upset his more ardent disciples from the campaign.

The “total shutdown ban” of Muslims has already disappeared from his website, so some commentators are speculating that he might quietly drop this or moderate it. I mean, he’s already been on the phone to Mr “Caliphate” Erdogan of Turkey - perhaps he’s been able to convince him otherwise on that issue like Obama apparently has with elements of Obama Care :rolleyes:

Even his closest aides at the minute don’t seem to be 100% sure which way he is turning, so how the heck do we know? All one can do is take a statement and work with it.

Boy, this is a weird world we’re living in now.

I had just heard this on CNN and right away thought what on earth must the Catholic Republicans on CAF who have been opposed to everything about Barack and Michelle Obama including Obamacare, be thinking about our President-elect’s words now? First off, yesterday he talked of their good meeting together and what a good man President Obama is and that they discussed his accomplishments over the past 8 yrs and how he could have met longer than 90 mins with our President. Then later tweeted about it and said our future First Lady liked Michelle Obama a lot! And now he says he likes these Obamacare clauses very much. Reminds me somewhat of his former self. But time will tell.

Well, I don’t care what diplomatic niceties he uses with the Obamas. I’m just relieved that we’re probably not going to have state power enforcing Hillary’s “Catholic Spring”, and won’t have another Ginsburg appointed to the Supreme Court anytime soon.

Wake me if and when he ever gets to “…if you like your doctor…”

Unless you have a Souter.

Those are both positives, I agree. Really the only one’s from the campaign that you’ll find me supportive of.

But your not really answering the point that was raised. What the heck are this guy’s actual policies? Enough about Clinton. She’s toast now and her political career is over.

It is Trump we all need closure on and all focus is now upon him. From the entire world.

I hate to follow myself in posting, but I just remembered something.

In one of Solzhenitzyn’s “Gulag” volumes, he talks about how, in order to entrap some poor Zek, the Cheka, MVD, and all its acronyms, would occasionally use criticism of their own dogma.

He referred to it as “…wiping one’s a-s with one’s own flag.”

And so now, if Trump (even out of simple politeness) seems less than condemnatory of something Obama is, did or said, the libs jump on him for doing it.

“…wiping their a-s with their own flag.”

Perhaps the entire world could stop listening to the shrieking liberal elites for long enough to see what the man really does. How much detail can he really promise, given that there are long and arduous negotiations ahead before anything gets done other than repealing the more egregious executive orders?

I’m not jumping, simply taking the statement at face value that he finds two significant parts of ObamaCare commendable and may simply amend rather than annul the Act holus-bolus as he claimed during the campaign.

And this directly ties into the question of whether his administration will strive for ideological purity or pragmatic compromise.

The answer to that is very much up in the air at the moment. Everyone needs to know, eventually, both domestic and foreign observers.

The media has an obvious agenda and unfortunately so many listen and believe all they say.

I sure wouldn’t think he would be called all over the place, a person as successful as him can’t be all over the place.

Who is asking for detailed dossiers at the moment?

Folks are simply looking for a vague but highly suggestive roadmap of his presidential style and approach to decision-making.

On the face of it, his approach in the last two days has been rather surprising - I must admit. It may be a blip and he’ll go all guns blazing again. Or he might flip-flip for four years. Or he may not even be sure himself yet. :shrug:

Me no, no signor.

It’s up in the air but at the same time it is yet to be seen if he will buck those in his circle.

This is one of the things I like about Trump, he speaks his mind. The democratic party will immediately silence any of their rank that disagrees with ANY of their policy. Maybe that is why so many democrat Catholics don’t disagree with anything their party of death says. It is very obvious that republicans speak their mind more. btw, did you see the 2 point that he likes about Obama’s health care plan? The pre existing conditions clause and the keep children on the plan clause.

On that note, in my mind the biggest problem with Obama’s healthcare was he wanted every citizen to pay for abortion and birth control. He wanted all organizations, regardless of their belief to also pay for it.

You need only to have paid attention to any of the news media to know that he has bucked those in his circle any and every time he disagreed. Very doubtful he will change that now.

Bernie Sanders tried to buck his circle and look what happened to him. I disagreed with a bunch of what he believes, but think that he truly believes what he says. Trump won because people think he will not be business as usual.

And premiums will go down

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