Donald Trump links Ted Cruz’s dad to JFK assassination


Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Ted Cruz’s dad of palling around with Lee Harvey Oswald just months before President Kennedy’s murder — prompting the Texas senator to fire back with his toughest attack yet on the Manhattan tycoon.
The GOP presidential front-runner, in a phone interview with Fox News, retold a National Enquirer story published last month that placed Rafael B. Cruz with Oswald, passing out pro-Fidel Castro literature in New Orleans on Aug. 16, 1963.

What next?


Just because Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald handing out literature supporting the Communist Fidel Castro doesn’t mean he had anything to do with the Kennedy assassination.


No it doesn’t, and Trump didn’t say it did.


Nope, just threw a wee bit of mud, looks like the ‘outsider’ (as if anyone ever swallowed that assertion) is learning them old political ropes…


I’d take a communist sympathizer for a dad rather than a racist who refused to rent to black people. I’m sure Cruz’s father didn’t have any protest songs written about him.


Agreed. Trump simply deflected Rafael Cruz’s criticism and exhortation for Christians to vote for his son. It strikes me as a political cheap-shot.

What a ridiculous election cycle this has been. The intellectual honesty runs about as deep as pinky the pigs mud hole.


Good. Because one doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other.


Links - it could be. If Cruz’s father was hanging around with Lee Harvey Oswald - that is an interesting story. The links of Castro, the KGB, and the Mob’s Trafficante and Marcellus not to leave out Myer Lansky, are the favorites. The post script was Jack Ruby taking out Lee Harvey Oswald!

Simple arithmetic will testify to Oswald, who had no money/income of his own, spent minimum time in the military, appeared to be withdrawn/quiet, travelled to Russia where he met and married, returned to the US with his wife, spent time in New Orleans, was engaged with a Communist cell, and winds up in Dallas prepared to perform his job at the window in the Texas Book Depository building. He had gained shooting skill in the military.
All the requirements needed to be used and removed.

If Cruz’s father was handing out the Daily Worker with Lee Harvey Oswald, they had something in common to say the least.


And thus mud once thrown spreads…


I heard he had lunch with Elvis the day he died…,


When Trump is President perhaps he can ask Congress to re-open the Warren Commission to take a look at that.


And Trump calls Ted Cruz “lyin’ Ted!” How ridiculous.


It does look like him.


He flew to Graceland with Amelia Earhart.


I thought the big secret was that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac: :smiley:


I heard that.

So, in the last day before the primary that is needed to save Ted Cruz’ campaign

  1. Ted was harassed by Trump supporters and told to go do meth.
  2. Ted was heckled by a 10 year old.
  3. Carly fell off the stage.
  4. His wife had to explain he wasn’t the Zodiac killer.

Dear heavens.


Remember when Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what newspapers she reads? Reporters won’t need to ask Trump since he seems so proud to get all his news and information from The National Enquirer. Just what I’m looking for in a world leader.


What are these … “newspapers” of which you speak?


Bigfoot was hiding there with the Easter bunny!


I believe they were a twentieth century (and earlier) method of reporting lies… er, news on paper. Sounds awfully quaint though.

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