Donald Trump links Ted Cruz’s dad to JFK assassination


And the Great Pumpkin!


Do you have evidence of this?:smiley:


Except for the black ink you’d get on your hands if you held it too long.


Yes, they were both handing out the Daily Worker . Resorting to, ‘them ones is the bad ones’ type arguments seems fallacious.


This is just more of Trump’s lousy low rate trash. I will not elect a man who runs his mouth this way. He’s a disgrace.

This is all from the same clown who stated on national TV that he saw “thousands and thousands of Muslims” in New Jersey celebrating when the Twin Towers were attacked and though proved that that never happened he has never recanted.

Anyone that disconnected from reality has no business running for president or any other elected office. The man is a lunatic…



Agree completely. This is the straw that broke the came’ls back for me. I have officially become a #neverTrump-er. If Trump is the nominee, I will be writing in the candidate of my choice(probably Cruz) since I won’t vote for Hillary either.


So, I guess Cruz is out too? Cruz had a meltdown and told lies about Donald Trump having a venereal disease. And there was that time he said Carson quit the race when in fact, he didn’t. :shrug:


I don’t think that the KGB was involved in the assassination, but I do believe that the mafia was involved somehow.


So was “Lyin Ted” lying, or will he say he was just misinformed?


Trump was just projected as the Indiana winner 54.2 to 32.8.


I would say looking at your election from abroad both sides strike me as pretty vicious and prone to cutting up each other. Nothing unusual in that in the world of politics really but these two seem to have some personal ‘beefs’ (as you lads say) with each other at this point and it has got increasingly sour and nasty. Neither Trump or Cruz impress me with regards to tact or diplomacy or ability to be statesmanlike.


I totally agree with you.


And both promised Hillary/Trump to turn the attacks towards each other early and continuous.

The inner parties being upset is common though. In 2008 40% of Cintons following said they would never vote for Obama, yet in the end that also changed.

But some of this like today was just uncalled for, this didn’t change a thing but further made problems with Cruz. It appears as Trump did have a personal reason, but it doesn’t seem as though it was needed for votes or the nomination at this point.


If Cruz’s Father did spend time handing out the Daily Worker with Lee Harvey - how was this known for the National Enq to put it out? I know they get sued for false, awful stuff. I can say I have never purchased one. But, when standing in the supermarket line, I have read the headlines :blush:.

I don’t see why Cruz should get so blown up over it - that was in the old days - the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy and Robert. They both had big enemies and the Mob hated Robert with a passion - so they figured - take out JFK and Bobby is all done.
Who better to work with them than Fidel and the KGB. And, no - Oswald did not pull it off by himself!

We can talk about all of that - big deal. As for Cruz Senior - there isn’t anything there, there.


That’s not true. He was referring to Trumps own admissions on the Howard Stern Show in discussion of his draft dodging days during Vietnam.

Just because he didn’t admit it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and we know that he was bragging about being sexually promiscuous. So he’s your guy?

Good luck with that. Doesn’t it bother you that he still hasn’t recanted his crack about the “thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jersey” that he saw on TV that never happened?



There is too much mud slinging on this thread from all sides

If it continues the thread will be closed


Hes gonna be the nominee and between Hillary and Trump its Trump. :shrug: Should we go back forth with the rhetoric and discuss Hillary and her lacking integrity?
Hillary is what bothers me, not you? It really comes down to a simple choice.


I don’t suppose you read the link if this is your response.

So this is the way it goes now? “Just because someone doesn’t admit something, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen?” With that logic, anyone is free to say anything about anyone, whether it is true or not.

I don’t believe I ever said he was my guy, by the way. I was pointing out that no one, not any of the candidates are telling the truth. So let’s not assume anything.

But then, just because I won’t admit it, doesn’t mean he isn’t “my guy,” isn’t that right?


Personally, I can buy that he was the outsider back when the race began.


He wasn’t? Well that good enough me, he’s got my vote.


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