Donald Trump names Reince Priebus as chief of staff [Stephen Bannon Chief Counsel]

Donald Trump named Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus his White House chief of staff, elevating one of his loyal GOP advisers with a deep expertise of the Washington establishment Trump has vowed to shake up.

Priebus, a close ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan, called the appointment “an honor” and predicted the billionaire “will be a great president for all Americans.”

Trump also named Stephen Bannon, his campaign CEO and executive on leave from conservative website Breitbart, to be the president-elect’s chief strategist and senior counsel.

I’m concerned that this may give the impression that Bannon speaks for – to borrow a word from Hillary Clinton – half of Trump’s supporters. :o

can someone fill me in on Steve Bannon? I have not heard of him before. Was he part of the campaign for a long time?

It doesn’t get much more ‘establishment’ than Reince Preibus. I thought y’all hated those guys? :wink:

And Breitbart, I mean really? :rolleyes:

My respect for Priebus has really grown through this campaign/election. Well, let’s face it, I did not even know who he was. But he navigated his way between the Scylla and Charybdis of Trump vs. the GOP absolutely brilliantly. As I understand it, he also played a key role ensuring a “ground game” of sorts for the GOP in the election while Trump was off winging it in rallies and on Twitter. (though Trump’s frenetic rallying worked brilliantly too, fair is fair) We have a lot to thank Priebus for. (he also kept the convention on track when the GOP was splintering)

I don’t have much use for Breibart though - they strike me as a little wacko. I never read them. I must say it is interesting to watch these appointments coming along. Trump is rewarding people that stood by him - and so far I think he is making pretty good choices, by which I mean the Trumpers are happy, the mainstreamers breathe a sigh of relief, steady hands on deck in key spots.

Why should anyone “hate” Preibus? As the head of the RNC, he did exactly what he was supposed to do in getting a member of the party elected president, kept the majority in congress, not to mention the many down-ballot candidates who won.

Reince priebus gave trump a unified GOP convention and helped trump win Wisconsin his home state. He was never in the never-trump crowd. Enough said.

How do you define “establishment”?

That’s how a lot of us feel about The Guardian. :rolleyes:

Trump’s preelection promises played to the populous frustration with the self-serving oligarchy and now predictably he’s going to backtrack from those positions. We know he’s not, and realistically can’t change much with the social issues, but at least he’s likely not as hawkish as HRC.

however, what he’ll accomplish with the economy is anyone’s guess. surely he’ll support tax cuts for the very rich and will further alienate minorities from the GOP. i just think he’s scary wrong on environmental issues and completely insensitive to race and gender problems for better or worse.

I think he will take off running to fix all the problems we are facing. People opposing Trump will probably be reluctant to give him credit for any improvements, but I already feel less fear knowing someone will be working for the good of our country instead of someone trying to sink it!

Many trump supporters were mad at Trump for picking Mike Pence for VP, thinking Pence was an establishment tool, but he turns out to be a perfect pick. Reince Priebus will turn out to be the same. If Trump can boast about anything, hiring the firing the right people has got to be it!

Vouthon;14285005]It doesn’t get much more ‘establishment’ than Reince Preibus. I thought y’all hated those guys? :wink:

Well, Reagan picked GHWB as his running mate, but he’s never been regarded as a DC insider. :shrug:

And Breitbart, I mean really? :rolleyes:

Yes, really. The mainstream media cannot be trusted, and that includes most of the UK news these days as well.

You would think that some folks have forgotten these guys and ladies are now ALL working for Trump, who in turn works for us!


But no one is appointing the head of The Guardian to be Chief Counsel to the President.

Well said.

Thank heaven for small favors.

It’s complicated…

ANALYSIS: Priebus, Bannon Appointments Point Toward Split Approach to Trump Presidency

Donald Trump once famously declared that there are two Donald Trumps. If that carries through to his presidency, both will be represented at the highest levels of the Trump White House.

Sunday’s unusual announcement of Steve Bannon as chief strategist and chief counselor, and Reince Priebus as chief of staff, suggests that the president-elect is crafting a split approach to governance.

The inside game is set to be run by Priebus, whose savvy as a manager was cemented by the wide election gains by Republicans last week. The Republican National Committee chairman warred on and off with Trump during the campaign. Yet he maintained strong relationships with GOP insiders and elected officials – and proved his loyalty to Trump in the end.

The outside game appears likely to be the territory of Bannon, whose stewardship of the late-stage campaign found Trump the stride he carried to victory. Bannon brings a more confrontational nature along with solid credentials in right-wing media circles, stemming from his leadership at Breitbart News.

The two men’s relationships with a third man – House Speaker Paul Ryan – tells the story of the split approach Trump seems to be crafting. Priebus is close friends and allies with his fellow Wisconsinite. Bannon has led efforts to oust Ryan from power.

Well, I think any reasonable person should be able to see that he couldn’t have meant all the things he said.

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