Donald Trump picks Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke for interior secretary

Donald Trump picks Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke for interior secretary, CBS News’ confirms

Never heard of him. How many more positions need to be filled?

He was a Seal Team 6 Commander but is a novice politician.

I think Trump has only 2 Secretary level positions left: VA, Agriculture,
I predict he’ll keep Obama’s VA appointment, he’s popular with veteran groups.

There are at least another 10 key appointments in addition, plus a plethora of agency political appointments.

I just read up on him, but can find nothing on where he stands environmentally.
Does anyone know?
Will American land, parks, and wildlife be under threat in the Trump administration?
I’m a little concerned, actually.
But maybe because he’s from Montana, it’s a good sign… Glacier National Park, Yellowstone–which partly runs into Montana, herds of buffalo, lots of wilderness areas. Here’s hoping!

Votesmart is a site that can offer people some info.

Ryan Zinke is certainly a leader and a patriot. I have not heard if Ryan accepted the position.

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