Donald Trump pledging pro-life goals, seeks permanent prohibition on taxpayer spending on abortions


Donald Trump on Friday will vow to fight for a permanent prohibition on spending federal taxpayers’ money on abortions, as he announces his Pro Life Coalition, a group of high-profile backers who will make the case that the Republican presidential nominee is worthy of support for pro-life voters.

He’s tapped Marjorie Dannenfelser, head of the Susan B. Anthony List, to lead the coalition, and released a letter pledging to fulfill four pro-life goals as president, including nominating pro-life justices, signing a law ending late-term abortions, stripping funding from Planned Parenthood as long as the organization performs abortions, and making permanent the Hyde Amendment ban on taxpayer money going to fund abortions.

The move is all the more striking coming at this point in the campaign, when most candidates are trying to tack to the political center, hoping to avoid thorny social issues.




Trump should be aware, of course, that the Hyde Amendment already bans federal funding of abortion. The Hyde Amendment is a permanent ban to the extent that any piece of legislation is permanent.

The only think that would make such a ban more permanent would be an amendment to the Constitution – even though constitutional amendments themselves can be overturned, as in the case of Prohibition.

So, besides sounding tough for pro-life voters, did Trump actually promise anything significant, or did he merely demonstrate (again) his ignorance of existing law? He seems to think that he can snap his fingers and things happen, as if the legislative and judicial branches have no role to play in our system of government.


Are you unaware that the Democrats put the repeal of the Hyde Amendment in their 2016 platform? That makes this an important issue for voters who care about the lives of innocent children who are not quite born yet. You can find it right here under Reproductive Rights:


Lot of good that will do as they don’t get the budget passed without the Hyde Amendment intact. This is not the first time the Hyde Amendment has been under fire.

Your point however is valid.


Yes, I’m aware. That simply goes to show that there is very little that Trump can do to make the ban permanent. He could have said, “During my presidency, we will prevent Democrats from overturning the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds for abortions.” However, there’s nothing sexy or newsworthy about such a statement. So much more macho to say “I’ll permanently ban…”


People seem to be missing the point that the Hyde Ammendment gets voted on every year. It’s had bi-partisan support. Sounds like Trump is promising to make it permanent, meaning something that no longer would need to be voted on annually.


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